Warts are harmless, but that fact does not make them any less annoying to deal with. When confronted with the costs of wart removal at your doctor’s office, you may decide to try waiting for warts to go away. Most warts will eventually go away on their own with no interference so waiting is a viable option. Wart treatment products are available as well for a fraction of the price wart removal would cost at your physician. Regardless of the option you end up choosing, waiting doesn’t leave you helpless. Take note of the other options available to passively reduce how long warts stick around on your body.

Do warts go away by themselves?

The short answer to this question is yes. In most cases, a wart will go away without treatment within two years. It does not always take this long, and many warts are known to fade away much quicker. The fact most warts die by themselves makes not treating warts a somewhat viable option if you are short on funds. So if you are not particularly bothered by the presence of warts, feel free to wait.

Wart on feetThe problems associated with waiting for warts to go away consists of:

  • Some stubborn warts never go away.
  • Warts that go away often quickly return as a new wart.
  • Leaving warts allows your warts to spread, infect others and the size of warts to grow.

Waiting for warts to go away is banking on the possibility that they will, a possibility that is not guaranteed. Therefore if you make a choice to wait, make sure it is for a wart that will not bother you if it never ends up going away. Waiting on a wart that is already bothersome or embarrassing may make matters worse if it grows or spreads into more warts. How do warts spread to different areas or people? Find out by reading this article.

How long do I have to wait?

The general rule for warts that will go away on their own is that they will disappear within two years. Naturally, this guideline is not set in stone and warts may take longer or shorter to disappear from your skin. It is important to note that warts are the result of a viral infection by the human papillomavirus. For detailed information on what causes warts, see this page. This virus can continue to create warts on your body as long as it is present. Ultimately this means even if after two years a wart disappears, a new one may appear nearby soon after.

Most warts die completely within two years.

Some warts may go away relatively swiftly, within only three months. A solid 30% of genital warts have this fast turnover and are gone within 90 days. While the wart death rate is hopeful, you should keep in mind that 70% of genital warts will remain for a longer period. As mentioned previously, warts may continue to return even if the originals have died.

Natural way

So if you have decided to allow your warts to go away the natural way you may be in for the long haul. This step is basically not using any medication or wart treatments whether conventional or home remedies. You will essentially have to tolerate all wart symptoms. To learn what your warts symptoms may include, visit this page. Allowing natural wart death is a safe option to choose, but it does carry some concerns with it.

There are several important factors to consider including:

  • Reducing your chance of spreading your warts to others.
  • Wart growth triggers.
  • Passively reducing wart occurrence.

Reducing transmission of your warts is a good idea so as not to push your problem onto others. While nothing prevents transmission completely, simple steps such as covering hand warts with bandaids and not sharing razors and washcloths can help. For genital warts, avoiding contact with warts, using a condom or abstinence can help prevent spread.

Some things that affect your immune system can interfere with your ability to get rid of warts:

  1. Stress weak immune systemStress has a known hampering effect on your immune system and thus can cause the wart infection to get stronger. A powerful infection can result in more warts and a longer lifetime for warts already present.
  2. Pregnancy is another state that strengthens the virus that causes warts. Sharing your immune system with your child naturally weakens it, and that combined with surging hormones frequently causes wart growth and spread.

Passively reducing the chance for the virus that causes warts to succeed can also make warts heal faster. While a passive method won’t lead to instant results, some changes can help you keep warts away for good as opposed to having individual warts disappear. Wart reduction can be achieved by strengthening your immune system. Getting more exercise, adequate sleep, losing weight, taking vitamins and eating immune system boosting foods will help your body defeat the virus quicker.

Passive wart reduction info
Some infections, such as HIV, impair the immune system so much that warts going away on their own is unlikely to succeed. For the frequently ill, actively treating warts is probably a better option due to the immune system’s impact on wart development.

How to make them go away

Sometimes after reviewing much of the cons associated with waiting for warts to go away people decide it isn’t worth it. In this case faster, or even immediate removal options are considered. Contrary to popular belief, most wart removal options are inexpensive and easily purchased at most grocery stores or pharmacies without a prescription.

The most common ways to make warts go away are:

Wart removal creams are the number one removal option. Creams are readily available at your local drug store, online and stronger creams are available from your doctor. Wart creams usually contain salicylic acid which breaks down the skin layers of the wart ultimately killing it. Some prescription-only creams target the virus itself or incite your body to attack the wart harder.

Terrasil 3 products

Wart removal by a physician often results in instant wart death, and your skin only needs time to heal or the dead wart to fall off. Electrosurgery and laser treatment are common choices although these can be considerably expensive for each treatment. Cryosurgery is less expensive and a popular option as it has a very low rate of scarring. Multiple other wart removal options may be available at your PCP or dermatologist.

Wart freezing kits work similarly to liquid nitrogen wart treatment by your doctor. For safety reasons, OTC wart freezing treatments are weaker and do not contain liquid nitrogen. Using freezing kits mean your warts require more than one treatment, but it is still a very fast removal method. Wart bandaids are another option which consists of a medicated bandage that works like wart creams without requiring constant application.

Warts freezing products

The biggest worry about warts, when they appear, is how long they will stick around. Luckily this embarrassing viral skin condition usually does not last forever. Warts may disappear on their own in as little as three months, though two years is the usual norm. If waiting around isn’t what you want to do, there are multiple removal options to get your warts destroyed quickly. There is no reason to suffer from warts for long periods of time if you don’t wish to.

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