Trichloroacetic acid wart removal is an at-home remedy that you can use to clear your skin of both genital warts and warts that are located on other parts of your body. The acid works by peeling layers off of the top of your warts until the tissue dies and the wart gradually disappears. Trichloroacetic acid is stronger than salicylic acid, which is also available for over-the-counter at-home wart removal treatments. Because of its strength, people should take added precautions when using trichloroacetic acid wart removal at home.

TCA wart removal

Trichloroacetic acid in handTCA wart removal works by chemically burning the upper layers of your warts. It is caustic, which causes the skin to peel. In the past, it has been used in controlled settings by doctors for cosmetic purposes. Trichloroacetic acid has been recognized as an effective wart removal treatment as well as a treatment for other types of skin problems, including dark spots, moles, skin tags and others.

Because it is stronger than salicylic acid treatments, it is important for you to follow the application instructions carefully and avoid getting it on the skin surrounding your warts. To learn about the effectiveness of Compound W wart remover treatment, read this article.

20% TCATrichloroacetic acid has been used for years as a cosmetic treatment because of its skin-peeling properties. It is a strong acid, and it works by coagulating the proteins in the skin and causing the layers to peel away. Because of its strength, it used to only be applied in doctors’ offices. It is now available as an at-home remedy, however.

The acid is applied only to the area to be treated. Because it is very corrosive, it destroys the parts of the skin on which it is applied. By attacking the proteins inside of warts, it causes them to die. This allows new, healthy skin to grow in its place. The treatment takes time, and it may take several weeks to completely get rid of the treated wart. However, it is effective for use on warts that have not responded to other types of treatment.

Trichloroacetic acid for genital warts

80% TCATrichloroacetic acid has long been used as an effective wart removal treatment for common warts and plantar warts. Trichloroacetic acid has been shown to be a good treatment for moist genital warts. The strength of the solution is important. Doctors recommend that people use solutions of 60 to 90 percent concentrations of TCA for genital warts.

You might want to use a concentration that is toward the lower end of the recommended range as its caustic nature can cause it to burn and to be painful. If the concentration is too strong, it can be very uncomfortable when it is used on lesions in the genital region. This means being conservative with the amount that you apply is a good idea. If you apply too much of the solution, it is likelier to burn more and to be more painful than when you use very small amounts for treating genital warts.

Trichloroacetic acid is also used by doctors to remove tattoos and for cosmetic skin peels. It may be used to destroy pigmented skin so that new skin can grow in the area. When it is used for cosmetic purposes, it is generally used at concentrations from between 35 and 50 percent. Wart and mole removal solutions range from 60 to 90 percent.
  • When you apply Trichloroacetic acid to a genital wart, you dip a cotton swab in the solution and carefully apply it to the surface of the wart.
  • Make sure that you do not touch the swab on any of your skin surrounding your wart.
  • When you apply the solution, it will turn your wart white. The solution stings and burns when it is applied.
  • After you apply it, you should then allow it to dry. Expect the burning sensation to last for about 20 minutes or longer.
  • Cover the wart with a small bandage.
  • You reapply the solution to the surface of your wart each day for four days. Then, do not apply it again for four days before resuming.
  • You can reapply it in four-day cycles with four-day breaks in between up to four times.

Wart treament on skinThe wart should slowly peel away with the ongoing treatment. To learn more about using wart bandaids, read this article.

As it heals, it will scab over. Most genital warts that are treated with trichloroacetic acid should be gone within a couple of weeks. You may experience a longer healing process with redness in the area for up to a month. While your skin is healing, you can expect to experience mild itchiness. The application process is the same when you use trichloroacetic acid to treat other types of warts, too.

Who should use TCA?

Trichloroacetic acid wart removal treatment may be a good choice for people who want to treat their warts at home, especially if other over-the-counter remedies that contain salicylic acid have not worked. There are groups of people who should not use trichloroacetic acid wart removal treatment, however.

Eighty percent TCA is more effective than 35 percent solutions.

Parents should not use TCA wart removal treatment on their children who are younger than four years old. People who have diabetes should avoid using trichloroacetic acid to treat their warts unless they have spoken with their doctors first. It is not advisable for pregnant women or those who are nursing to use TCA wart removal treatment unless a doctor has given the green light for using it.

Are there any side effects?

Since TCA is a strong acid, it can cause severe burns if it is not used appropriately. It destroys skin tissue that it comes in contact with. It should not be used around the eyes or on the mucous membranes. If it does, it is important to follow the instructions about the prompt removal of the acid from your skin. Most people report burning sensations and pain at the application site. Other side effects may include redness or swelling at the area where you apply it. To learn about tagamet for warts, read this article.

TCA wart removal: before and afterIf you have warts anywhere on your body, including in your genital area, trichloroacetic acid wart removal treatment has been shown to be effective for removing stubborn warts and skin tags. Because it is highly caustic, it is important that you are careful when you apply it, taking care to not contact any other skin besides the wart that you are treating. Expect it to burn when you apply it and to continue burning for about 20 minutes.

For stubborn warts, daily applications for four days in a row followed by a four-day break can be used in four cycles. Trichloroacetic acid may help people who want to treat their warts in the privacy of their own homes. As long as you follow the instructions and are careful, you may use it to get rid of your warts and regain the healthy, beautiful skin that you deserve.

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