When you suffer from warts, the first thing on your mind is probably, “How do I get rid of this?” They can appear anywhere – your face, arms, feet, and hands, to name a few. Even the genitals aren’t immune from the wrath of a wart. HPV, or Human Papilloma Virus, is responsible for warts, and comes in hundreds of different strains. Unfortunately, the virus isn’t something that can be cure. You can, however, banish the warts it causes. Everything from surgery, to cryotherapy, to salicylic acid is out there to help remove a wart. But some of you may want a treatment option that involves more natural ingredients. That’s where Terrasil comes in.

Using Terrasil For Your Warts

Terrasil 3x ActionSo you’ve decided to go natural with wart treatment. This isn’t a bad idea, considering how invasive and chemically-enhanced wart remedies have become.

Things to consider when thinking about a natural wart remedy are many:

  1. Effectiveness.
  2. Ingredients.
  3. Side effects.

Once you do your research, you might decide on a product like Terrasil for your wart treatment. It’s a great option, but why?

Natural wart removers produce milder side effects.

What is it, exactly?

Terrasil is a doctor recommended homeopathic wart removal ointment that uses only organic ingredients.

It has a unique blend of ingredients that include the following:

  • ThujaThuja Occidentalis: Serving as the main active ingredient in Terrasil, Thuja Occidentalis is a species of Evergreen tree and it’s extract is what’s used medicinally. Although scientists can’t pinpoint exactly why it works so well to get rid of warts, it may have something to do with immune system activation or antiviral properties. As a standalone product, Thuja Occidentalis can be taken internally or applied externally.
  • Silver OxideSilver Oxide: This is a mixture of Silver and Oxygen atoms. It’s very attracted to negatively charged ions, which helps in the delivery of active ingredients to targeted areas.
  • Zinc OxideZinc Oxide: A mixture of Zinc and Oxygen, this compound works well in skin repair and regeneration. This helps ensure that as little scarring as possible is left behind after the wart is gone.

    The mineral blend in Terrasil is synchronized to bring about the best possible result in your skin. While one ingredient helps the wart-fighting be as potent as possible, others help the skin to recover afterward. When a wart falls off, a break in the skin is left behind. This is where Terrasil’s natural ingredients come in to aid in creating little to no scar at all.
  • Magnesium OxideMagnesium Oxide: This blend of Magnesium and Oxygen is positively charged and plays a key role in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body. In wart treatment, it helps with skin regeneration and repair.
  • BeeswaxBeeswax: Terrasil uses organic beeswax to moisturize and soothe the skin.
  • Cedarwood oilCedarwood oil: Also called Juniperus Virginiana, this oil is known to draw impurities from the skin and has a soothing effect as well.

Fluorouracil is something used in combating certain types of cancer. It helps to slow or stop the growth of irregular cells, and has been used for wart treatment in certain circumstances. To learn more about the interesting way you can use Fluorouracil cream for warts, click here.

Do not use salicylic acid to treat genital warts.

Not Only Does It Work, It’s Painless, Too

In standard wart removal products, salicylic acid is often used as a main ingredient. This substance uses a harsh chemical to burn the wart tissue off layer by layer. It works, but can easily burn healthy tissue right along with the wart if you’re not careful, causing a fair amount of pain. Even if no healthy skin is touched with the acid, burning the wart off can be irritating. And when medical procedures are involved like cutting, freezing, or burning, you can expect there to be some level of discomfort for at least a few days.

With Terrasil, there’s no harsh ingredients or invasive procedures involved, which means that your wart-removing experience goes totally pain-free.

Products to try

  • Terrasil Wart Removal StickTerrasil Wart Removal Stick: The power of Terrasil ingredients in a stick form. It can fit in your purse or pocket and gives you the most convenience without getting anything on your fingers during application.
    Did you know there’s more than one type of wart remover stick on the market? Several are available in different brands, with the ingredients varying from natural to chemical. For information on Wart Stick, a remover that uses salicylic acid, go here.
  • Terrasil wart removal protective padsTerrasil Wart Removal Protection Pads: A companion to the ointment, these pads are self-adhesive and form a seal over the wart to make sure as much ointment as possible stays in place.

    One benefit to having a bandage over your treated wart is absorption. Studies have found that warts covered after treatment make the ointment stay more snugly against the wart, providing constant contact and the most medication delivered possible. Although any bandage will do, there are specially medicated ones for warts, as well as the plain adhesive pads from Terrasil.
  • Terrasil Wart Removal OintmentTerrasil Wart Ointment: Available in many different strengths, apply the clear ointment twice a day directly to your wart.

Using Terrasil On Genital Warts

Most wart products out there can’t be used on genital warts. In fact, these growths have an entire line of products specifically made just for them. Why is this? Well, skin in the genital region has far more nerve endings than anywhere else in the body, as well as a unique type of blood vessel system. If damaged, it’s much harder to grow the skin back the same as it was before. This is why products such as salicylic acid are not at all recommended for treatment of genital warts.

However, with Terrasil, you can rest easy knowing that its ingredients won’t harm your sensitive skin like other products might. It can be used on warts of the labia, penis, scrotum, and outside the anus. For warts inside the vagina, clitoris, cervix, urethra, or inside the anus, consult a doctor before use, as these areas can be considered the interior of the body.

There are some creams for genital warts that only a physician can apply. One of these, Aldara, also goes under the name Imiquimod, and has been shown to provide great results when it comes to wart removal. Find more information about Aldara cream for warts here.

When you get a wart, don’t discount a homeopathic product for treatment. Even though it may not be the traditional way to go, Terrasil has been proven not only as treatment that’s safe and painless, but that works.

You can find further details of Warts treatment here.