Wart treatments can vary widely in both cost and ease of use. Generally, most people prefer to avoid the expense and the potential embarrassment of going to a doctor for their wart treatments. Wart pads make removing otherwise stubborn warts simple to achieve. Despite the ease of use, wart pads are not at all expensive and can usually be found for ten dollars or less. Additionally, they are not difficult to find and can be located in most common drug, grocery and mass market retailer stores such as Walmart.

How can I treat my warts with wart removal pads?

Corn pad wart treatmentWart removal pads are simple and rarely take more than one or two steps when using them to treat warts. Wart pads typically use salicylic acid which gradually breaks down the wart bit by bit. Salicylic acid is the same medicine doctors will usually prescribe on your first visit for moderate wart complaints.

Thus by using a wart removal pad purchased from a drug store you are potentially saving a great deal of money in doctor’s fees. Not all wart pads use salicylic acid. Terrasil pads use a homeopathic medicine called thuja occidentalis for wart killing. For more information on Terrasil wart removal, you can read this article. Despite the occasional difference, the most common active ingredient remains salicylic acid.

Wart padsThe main benefits of acid-based wart pads are:

  • Ease of use.
  • Very low cost.
  • Same medicine doctors would use.
  • Easily located in many common stores.
  • Works quickly.
Salicylic acid is the most popular wart fighting medicine.

Calluses padTreating your warts with wart removal pads that are single step consist of removing the adhesive backing from the pad itself and securing the pad to your skin with the adhesive straps. You should make sure that the center of the wart pad which holds the medication is firmly in contact with your wart, and the adhesive is secure enough to hold it in place.

Wart pads that involve two steps usually require the liquid or gel medication to be applied first and are then followed by the pad or bandage being placed over the wart. In these products the wart treating ointment is included along with the pads. For more info on wart ointment and how to use it pad-free, click here. Ultimately the choice between the single step and multiple-step treatment is yours. Foot plastBoth types prove effective for both plantar warts and common warts typically found on the fingers.

What wart pads should I use for safe removal of plantar warts?

Foot corn padPlantar warts are often deep, painful and harder to remove than warts on hands. When considering the type of wart removal to use, look for one with cushioning and medicated disks or liquid separate from the pad itself. Due to the tenderness of plantar warts, adding yet another pad to place pressure on them can increase the discomfort. Luckily there are plantar wart removal pads that cushion and keep the pressure off of the wart while treating it. Not all plantar wart pads allow you to trim to fit your wart in case they are smaller than the pad size. For smaller sized warts, consider using wart patches that may fit better and prevent medicine being wasted on useless areas. An overview of wart patches and their benefits can be found on this page.

Treatment tips
Plantar warts may take longer to treat than warts located on the hands and elsewhere so do not give up treating with pads after only a week or two. Consider combining treatments or alternating between two different treatments to increase your likelihood of success.

The best plantar wart pad is Dr. Scholl’s Clear Away plantar wart removal pads. The medicated discs in this product are separately from the pads and can be trimmed to fit over your wart completely. This also means that the medicine is less likely to lose effectiveness than on the pad types. Clear Away also uses 40% salicylic acid, which is maximum strength for these cumbersome warts. The pads are naturally cushioning to give you peace of mind and reduce pain when walking, making them overall the best choice for the job.

Dr.Scholls Clear Away Wart Remover PLANTAR for feet

Dr.Scholls Clear Away for Plantar warts

Choosing the best wart pads to remove stubborn warts

Not all stubborn warts are plantar warts, common warts can be just as frustrating when previous treatments have failed. Finding the best wart pads to remove this nuisance can be challenging so we have compiled a list of ideal products for you here.

Each product listed will include:

  • Maximum strength level of salicylic acid for wart killing power.
  • No more than two steps needed.
  • Each pad keeps working a minimum of 48 hours.

Top 3 products to buy

  1. Curad MediplastCurad Mediplast Wart Pads
    Cost: $8
    Where to buy: Jet.com, Amazon.com and Walmart
    Benefits: Works not only on warts but also corns and calluses. Single step pre-treated pads are mess free and easy to use. Works well on both plantar and common warts and can be cut to fit any wart you plan to treat.
  2. CLEARaway wart remover by Dr.SchollsDr. Scholl’s Duragel Clearaway Wart Remover
    Cost: $7
    Where to buy: Wal-mart, Walgreens, Amazon.com, and CVS.
    Benefits: Designed specifically for common warts, nearly invisible for discreet treatment of warts on hands. Flexible, water and sweat resistant to maintain in place no matter the activity. Duragel ensures the medication is as strong as the day it was made.
  3. Compound W One Step Invisible StripsCompound W One Step Invisible Strips
    Cost: $7
    Where to buy: Amazon.com and Walmart
    Benefits: #1 Dermatologist and pharmacist recommended brand. One step with no pad trimming or disc placing requires. Made with concentrated medicine for a quick wart kill. Translucent for discreet treatment.

Wart pads have long been an excellent way to treat common and plantar warts. They are non-intrusive and many are made translucent so as not to stand out while you go about your daily activities. More and more people are flocking to wart removal treatments that they can find at their local drugstore and will not cost them an arm and a leg. Wart pads fulfill these requirements and work quickly to boot. Success can be seen in as little as a week. Safe and effective, wart pads are the way to go to handle stubborn warts.

You can find further details of Warts treatment here.