Using clear nail polish on warts may help to remove them. It may take several weeks or months for the product to work as a treatment for warts, however. It is believed to work by preventing oxygen from getting to the wart so that the wart dies. The application steps are straightforward, and the nail polish must be applied every day. The treatment may be used on several types of warts, but you should never use it to treat facial or genital warts. For other warts, nail polish may help to restore your skin’s smoothness and beauty.

The efficacy of nail polish for wart removal

Nail polish on wartWhile nail polish is not created specifically as a wart treatment, some people claim that it does work to remove their warts. Unlike more common wart treatments, using nail polish on warts may take a longer time before the wart disappears. The length of time that it might take to remove warts with nail polish will depend on the size of the wart and its location. Smaller warts that are located on the hands may disappear after a few weeks, while larger warts that are located on the bottoms of your feet may take months to disappear.

Picking or scratching warts can make them spread.

How does it work?

Duct tape on fingerThe theory behind nail polish as a wart removal treatment is that it prevents oxygen from reaching the wart. This is believed to suffocate the wart so that the abnormal tissues die. The idea is similar to the reasoning behind using duct tape as a wart removal treatment. People might choose nail polish instead of duct tape because it may stay on their skin better than duct tape might.

Trying nail polish as a wart removal treatment might be an option for people who want to try inexpensive home remedies before trying other options such as prescriptions, cryosurgery, laser surgery and others. People who have found other treatments to be ineffective might also want to try using nail polish on their warts. When a person does decide to use nail polish on warts, he or she should only use clear polish and not use polishes with pigment or glitter in them. In addition to nail polish, other treatments, such as mediplast wart remover, are available. To learn about mediplast wart remover, read this article.

Warts are not cancerous and are benign growths in the surface skin layers The virus that causes warts is extremely common and easily spread. Warts may eventually go away on their own without treatment, but it might take years.

Steps to remove warts

How to use nail polishThe application steps for using nail polish to remove warts are simple. You should follow the steps each day until the wart is gone.

Here are the steps:

  1. Wash the wart using soap and water.
  2. Thoroughly dry the wart using a clean cloth.
  3. Once the wart is dry, apply a layer of clear polish all over its surface.
  4. After the nail polish is dry, reapply several more layers, allowing each one to dry before applying the next.
  5. When all of the nail polish layers are dry, you can cover the wart with a bandage or a piece of duct tape.

While the duct tape is not necessary, some people believe that applying duct tape over the top of the nail polish provides an added layer to keep oxygen from reaching the wart. It won’t hurt anything for you to do this if you want. Reapply the nail polish each day, following the same steps. After several weeks, your wart may be gone. If it does not work, you might want to learn about H-Warts treatment by reading this article.

What types of warts can I remove with nail polish?

You can treat many types of warts, including plantar warts that appear on the bottom of your feet. It may also be used for mosaic warts on the bottoms of your feet or common warts on your hands or fingers. You should never use it to remove facial or genital warts, however. For warts in those areas, choose a different wart removal treatment option. To learn about another treatment option such as taking oral medication for warts, read this article.

The types of warts that may be treated with nail polish include the following:

If you have a wart, you might feel embarrassed about it. Warts are unsightly and uncomfortable, but there are a variety of different treatments that you might use to get rid of them. Using nail polish on warts may help you to rid your skin of unsightly warts, but it might take some time to work. If you make certain to apply it every day, you might regain your unblemished skin so you can feel more confident.

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