CVS Pharmacy is a store you are all but guaranteed to find a variety of wart treatments at. With nearly 10,000 stores nationwide, finding one in your neighborhood is rarely difficult. For warts removal CVS provides everything from wart killing bandages to the most popular option, wart creams. So if you have been struggling with home remedies, expensive doctor bills or simply want a treatment that is fast, effective and easy to obtain, CVS Pharmacy is the place for you. Even in the event that CVS’ own wart products are unavailable, they always carry several name brand products for wart removal as well.

Wart treatment CVS

Wart Remover medicated disksCVS offers a generous collection of wart treatments that are helpful to those who don’t want to spend a lot of time getting their hands dirty. Several products only consist of a single step, making them prime choices for those with little wart removal experience. These options are typically pain-free and do not require a doctor’s care like more expensive treatments such as bleomycin and laser removal. See information about Bleomycin for warts in this article. With a wealth of ways to approach wart removal available, wart sufferers are bound to find a CVS Pharmacy product that works for them.

Generally CVS products aimed at killing and removing warts come in three types:

  • Wart removal bandages.
  • Wart treating gels, creams or roll-ons.
  • Freeze-off wart removal.

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Wart removal bandages are great for those seeking a hands-off approach. This single step process is just a bandaid with medicine applied that kills the wart over time. Gels, creams or roll-on wart removal products are usually much more effective than band aids, and all of them are available in this popular drug store.

Wart remover kitHome remedies are usually the first step in treating warts, using items such as duct tape, lemon juice or nail polish. Read more about remedies using nail polish on warts here. If home remedies have failed, cream treatments are an inexpensive purchasable option. Freeze-off wart removal products require a great degree more care and knowledge than the previously mentioned choices as these are very similar to a doctor’s removal product and can harm healthy skin when used incorrectly.


Each type of treatment naturally has certain benefits associated with it along with cons that can make it a poor choice for some. For now we will focus only on the benefits.

  • Wart removal bandages have the benefit of being a single step, pre-prepared product that requires little of your time beyond removing the adhesive backing and placing over your wart.
  • Wart treatment gels, creams and roll-on sticks offer multiple benefits. The primary benefit for creams and gels is a quick wart kill due to maximum strength wart fighting medication.
  • Creams and gels are not difficult to use and it takes mere seconds to properly apply a treatment to the targeted wart.
  • Roll-on sticks benefits are due to the ease of on-the-go use. Additionally, the waxy base of the roll-on keeps the medicine in place, allowing you the option of whether or not to use bandages over the treated area. For warts that are in very visible locations, the roll-on bar treatment can be an ideal choice if you seek to avoid drawing attention with a bandage.

CVS shopRegardless of the treatment you ultimately select, CVS makes finding out what is right for you easy and returning what fails for you even easier. Money back no questions asked guarantee is offered for all non-prescription items with the receipt.

To recap, these are the best products for the particular use:

  • To treat multiple warts: creams, gels or roll-on for maximum number of treatments.
  • To get rid of a wart as fast as possible: Freeze-off treatments.
  • For those new to wart treatment: Wart bandaids.

Which wart cream CVS should I buy?

Wart remover Gel PenFor a cream type product for wart removal, most users are looking for a fast-acting and mess free option. Although CVS has a bunch of cream-based products available, the best choice is the Maximum Strength Wart Removal Gel Pen. This is a CVS branded product easily found both online and in-store in the skin care products aisle. The gel form eliminates any of the greasy feeling commonly found with creamy products, as well as most of the unnecessary ingredients added to give medicine a creamy look. Cream based wart treatments are readily available at CVS, but in a pinch there are always options you can make from scratch. For a homemade option, discover more about black salve for warts at this link.

One of the benefits of this gel pen is it is perfect for travel storage in a purse or pocket. It has a no-drip formulation to eliminate any chance of mess or spillage after treatment. The precision tip means you can direct exactly where the treatment will go without any mistakes or overuse of product by accident. Finally, this gel pen contains the maximum amount of salicylic acid, the same medicine a doctor would prescribe for wart treatment before opting for surgery. At 40% of this wart fighting acid, you can experience rapid success in as little as one to two weeks.

Wart remover Gel Pen Instruction

Shopping Tip
Consider your individual wart problem when shopping for wart removal products. If you frequently get warts or have many, single-use or products with a low number of doses may not be the ideal choice. Pay attention to medicine strength, not all wart treatments are maximum strength and may drag out treatment time.

Top 3 CVS products to treat warts

Shopping for groceries is hard enough, shopping for an ideal treatment for your warts shouldn’t be difficult at all. That is why we offered you a list of the three best wart treatment products you can easily find at your local CVS. Save yourself the hassle by perusing our list now.

CVS provides both store brand and name brand wart products.
  1. Wart freezerCVS Wart Freezer One Step Wart Remover
    Cost: $15
    Where to find: CVS in store, CVS online
    Benefits: Mess-free with a no drip applicator and stable medicine. Works on both plantar warts and common warts located on the hands. Consists of only a single step, with eight total treatments per package.
  2. Wart remover StripsCVS Health One Step Wart Remover Strips
    Cost: $8
    Where to find: CVS online and CVS in store
    Benefits: Invisible strips don’t draw attention to your warts. Maximum strength salicylic acid is in every bandage strip. Waterproof and comfort. Single step with medicine on the pad.
  3. WartStickWart Stick Solid Stick Wart Remover
    Cost: $10
    Where to find: CVS online and CVS in store
    Benefits: Applies completely dry with no drip, no mess and bandage optional. Odorless and safe to use on all types of warts. Single step and easy to take on the go for immediate wart treatment.

CVS Pharmacy is a drugstore located nationwide that always carries wart removal options for its customers. Warts are a common viral skin problem which occasionally need a different approach to being defeated. With CVS there are wart treatment products available for everyone from simple one step options, to more advanced freeze off remedies. No matter where your warts are located, CVS has a product for you, including soothing and healing creams for painful warts.

You can find further details of Warts treatment here.