That dreaded moment you find a wart. Some feel like they’re infected, tainted, or just plain gross. Some don’t care at all. Whichever category you fit in, there’s something you can do to treat the wart and get rid of it as fast as possible. But with all of the products out there, how do you choose just one? Compound W is an excellent wart remover that comes in a variety of methods and gives you the freedom to decide between more than one treatment. Let’s take a more detailed look at what exactly it entails.

Taking Advantage Of Compound W

Compound W productsFirst of all, what is it that causes these annoying growths? HPV, or Human Papilloma Virus, is the reason for warts and comes in hundreds of different strains. When you catch it, the virus settles into the upper epithelial cells in the skin’s surface and lies in wait. Periodically, it will “come to life,” and begin to replicate, growing bigger and bigger until breaking through the skin as a wart. You catch HPV through breaks in the skin, and are more susceptible to it in places like locker rooms, a bathroom, and a pool deck.

It might take more than one application to kill warts.

The bad news it that there’s no cure for it, meaning that you can get rid of the wart, but not the underlying virus itself. The good news is that warts can easily be killed if you go about it the right way. And when it comes to Compound W, there’s more than one method to fight your warts.

Out of the thousands of positive reviews, certain words and phrases stand out, including:

  • Effective,
  • Easy,
  • It works,
  • No mess.

Top 3 Products to try

  1. Compound W Freeze Off AdvancedCompound W Freeze Off Advanced: This product uses cryotherapy to kill warts. When you subject wart tissue to the extremely cold temperature of the freezing agent, the cells freeze, forming ice crystals that then destroy the cell completely. In this particular Compound W product, a small canister is included with a precision metal tip for accurate targeting every time.
  2. Compound W Freeze Off PlantarCompound W Freeze Off Plantar wart removal: Using the same method of freezing the wart with cryotherapy, this product uses a cotton swab drenched in the freezing agent. Press it against your wart for the instructed amount of time, and then cover the site with one of the comfort padded bandages included with the product.
  3. Compound W One Step PADSCompound W One Step Pads: In this interesting twist on a band aid, Compound W has created a bandage with salicylic acid built into the padding. The closer you tightly have the medication against the wart, the more deeply it will penetrate into it, which speeds up the process of destruction.

Treated bandages are an easy and convenient way to treat a wart. To find out more about wart band aids, go here.

One thing that sets Compound W apart from the rest is its variety of products. With more than one freezing option and several that use salicylic acid, you’ve got many choices when it comes to wart removal. Other products might not be able to boast this.

Salicylic acid is derived from the willow tree and works by destroying the wart layer by layer. To use, soak your wart in warm water until softened, then use a nail file or pumice stone to file the wart down. Attach the bandage to your wart and leave on, leacing the salicylic acid in direct contact with the wart. These come in skin colored and clear material, as well as a specialized bandage specifically for plantar warts.

Going About It The Gel Way

Compound W Fast-Acting GelOne product offered by Compound W is Fast Acting wart remover gel. It uses salicylic acid to combat the wart, and is known for its ease of application and no-drip formula.

If pregnant, consult a doctor before undergoing wart removal.

Using salicylic acid shouldn’t be done carelessly. Avoid applying to healthy skin, as it can burn the tissue. Never use near your eyes, mouth of nasal cavity, and don’t use on genital warts. If you find you’ve gotten some in your eyes or mouth, rinse thoroughly right away. To use the Fast Acting Gel, apply just enough to cover your wart, then gently rub it in with a cotton swab. If you use your finger to apply it, wash your hands immediately following.

One advantage of using gel above a liquid is its thickness. This helps to control the spread of the wart treatment, the precision in which you apply it, and gives you more control over application.

Liquid Compound W Wart Remover

Liquid Compound WAnother option that comes in the Compound W wart removal line is their topical liquid. The Compound W Fast Acting Maximum Strength Liquid is a highly popular choice when it comes to wart treatment.

Some facts about the product include:

  • Ingredients: Made with a high dose of salicylic acid, this liquid will destroy the wart tissue, layer by layer until the wart can’t survive anymore and falls off.
  • Speed: While other products may take weeks to take effectiveness, Compound W will take an average of a week to show its strength.
  • Ease: The liquid comes with an applicator that has a brush attached to it. This way, you can easily brush the medication on the wart and nothing else. It’s as easy as painting your nails.

To ensure good results you can also use some other good options like hydrogen peroxide. Go here for more information on using Hydrogen Peroxide to kill your wart.

It’s recommended that you soak your wart before treatment. This is because a good soak in warm water will soften the wart tissue, making it easier to penetrate and slough off. Use a nail file to rub away as much softened tissue as you can before applying treatment, and everything will go faster.

When you use the liquid wart remover, make sure you take care to avoid any healthy skin surrounding the wart. Always take your time to paint the liquid purely on the wart and nothing else. Fortunately with the way Compound W has created their products, this can be easily done.

Medical Procedures To Kill Warts

Warts freezeYou might try Compound W. You might go crazy using every natural method you can think of, and sometimes, the wart is stubborn enough to stay. There’s also times when your treatments work beautifully, but the wart grows back faster than you can say HPV. These are times when you might want to consider seeing a physician for treatment. Doctors to see include board certified Dermatologists, and a family practice doctor who has experience treating warts. It might be advisable to use homeopathic remedies instead. For information on the vast field of homeopathic wart removal, click here.

Whichever option you choose, know that Compound W is an excellent way to go. Their products are easy to find, come in a variety of options, are effective, and aren’t pricey. Use Compound W and watch your wart disappear in no time.

You can find further details of Warts treatment here.