Wart bandaids have a unique spot in over-the-counter wart treatment due to their ease of use. Additionally, they are relatively easy to find at any drug store and many grocery stores. When compared with other messy remedies that may need to be repeated on a daily basis, most people prefer the ease of a pre-treated bandage. Wart bandaids work fairly quickly, especially on common wart sites such as the hands and fingers. This is by far the best no-frills treatment due to its simplicity and price.

Bandaids for warts: How do they work?

Easy treatmentWart bandaids use salicylic acid to gradually destroy warts they are applied to. Salicylic acid has always been a prime option for treating various skin and scalp issues like acne or dandruff, so it is safe to treat warts as well. The acid on the bandage eats away at the wart, killing it off and enabling it to fall away easily. While you could soak a bandaid in salicylic acid yourself, by using pre-treated wart bandages you will save yourself the mess, time and always get the proper, long-lasting strength of acid delivered directly to your wart.

One step wart remover strips by EquateTreatment is as simple as:

  • Clean and dry skin.
  • Remove cover or protective film off bandage.
  • Apply to the wart, and you’re done!

Wart bandaids or bandages are truly the one-step solutions for wart treatment. They come in all shapes and sizes, from smaller bandaids ideal for the fingers to large, plantar wart sized discs perfect for the feet. The pads themselves typically have a coating of salicylic acid either in a liquid or gel form. Treatment is as simple as peeling off the protective cover and putting on your wart, with the medicated center right on top of it.

Salicylic acid is the same medication doctors use for warts.

Some other varieties may include the gel for you to treat the included bandage right before applying, but this is rare due to the preference of most people for a single-step option. Bandaids are normally left on for two days and are completely waterproof. If your wart is not killed off then, simply use a new bandage and repeat until successful.

Benefits of wart removal bandages

Bandage on fingerWart removal bandages have multiple benefits that make them more desirable than other home remedies and even doctor prescribed options. First and foremost is the ability to largely, apply and forget about the treatment besides the occasional bandage replacement. This works out well for busy people or those who just don’t feel like preparing lemon or garlic on a daily basis as a wart treatment.

Another primary benefit is the fact that salicylic acid is often the first step a doctor will prescribe for your warts anyway. Surely spending six or seven dollars at the nearest pharmacy is well worth it in comparison with the cost and copay of a doctors visit as well as a new prescription for something easily purchased over the counter.

A full list of the benefits of wart removal bandages include:

  • Easy to find online, at any drug store, Wal-mart, and most grocers.
  • Single-step process that requires no work.
  • No preparation or ingredient handling necessary.
  • Mess free.
  • Extremely low cost with most priced under 8 dollars.
  • Hides warts while it treats.
  • Works for both plantar and common warts located elsewhere.
  • Can combine with other treatments.
Dead skinTreatment Info
Do not be alarmed at white skin while treating a wart; this is normal. White skin is dying or dead skin due to the caustic nature of the acid attacking the wart. The normal skin beneath the bandaid may also appear white, but this is not a danger.

What to buy?

There are a lot of wart bandaid products on the market, so it can be difficult at times to figure out which are the top choices to get rid of your warts quickly. Here we have provided a short list of the top three wart bandaid choices so you can start winning the wart against warts today.

  1. Compound W One Step PADSCompound W Wart Remover One-Step Pads
    Cost: $7
    Where to find: Wal-mart, Amazon, CVS, Drug stores
    Benefits: Maximum strength level of salicylic acid for a quick wart kill. Waterproof and sturdy to avoid falling off. Cushioned to reduce pain from plantar warts. Pharmacist recommended.
  2. DuoFilm salicylic acid wart removerDuofilm Salicylic Acid Wart Remover
    Cost: $9
    Where to buy: Walgreens, CVS, Amazon
    Benefits: Comes with a bottle of salicylic acid to apply directly to wart and disc bandages. Works well on both plantar and hand warts. Easy to use.
  3. CLEARaway wart remover by Dr.SchollsDr. Scholl’s Duragel Clearaway Wart Remover
    Cost: $7
    Where to buy: Wal-mart, Amazon, CVS, local drug stores.
    Benefits: Translucent, discreet bandaid to avoid drawing any attention to your warts. Extremely flexible and strong, perfect for those who work with their hands or play sports. Cushions and protects skin while treating your wart.

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What is the best wart removal bandaid?

Despite having a simple overall design, there can be some differences between wart removal bandaid brands and products. Those differences mean there are good choices for different situations and warts that may not be as good for other situations and warts.

Qualities of importance include:

  • Size of wart.
  • Number of warts in area.
  • Whether they are plantar warts or common warts.
  • Location.
  • Usage level of the bandaged body part.
Usage Tips
Make sure when using a wart removal bandage it is made for the type of wart you are treating. Bandages typically do not perform well on genital warts, and instead work best on common or plantar warts. Use only as directed and avoid use on the face.

With all these things considered, Compound W Wart Remover One-Step Pads reigns as the supreme option for wart treatment. This can be located at your local CVS. Discover other wart removal CVS options by clicking here. The Compound W treatment has a few benefits that give it an edge over other wart removal bandaid treatments. For one, it can be used on both plantar warts and common warts, so you don’t have to buy different forms of the same treatment.

Compound W One Step PADS wart remover

Secondly, the extra cushioning is included in the bandaid. This means that you can reduce the pain of pressure on plantar warts without using another item.

Lastly, Compound W offers maximum strength levels of salicylic acid at 40%. Using the strongest safe level of medication to treat your warts undoubtedly means they will be gone faster.

Wart bandaids are the ideal option for people who don’t have time for the constant preparation and application of other wart methods. The medicated bandages keep the treatment on the wart at all times, without drying up or becoming ineffective until it is time for replacement. This one-step treatment option means spending less time dealing with treatment and more time living your life.

The best part is that with the price and ease of finding wart bandaids at most local drugstores, you face no risk of running out or shelling out hundreds for expensive treatments from your doctor. All the benefits of wart removal bandages will keep them as a top treatment option for many years to come.

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