You may think that the most surefire way to remove warts is to have your dermatologist electrify, burn or freeze them off. Well, even the best dermatologist will acknowledge that warts removed via such methods have a tendency to recur, whereas those removed naturally rarely do. Consumption of the Vitamin A nutrient is one natural method that can help you get rid of even the most stubborn warts. This article delves deeper on how to get rid of warts and keep them away using Vitamin A nutrient.

Why vitamin A is the best and safest treatment for warts

When it comes to the treatment of warts, the most common methods include the use of Salicylic acid and cryotherapy; however, the two have been shown to be excessively painful not to mention that they cause scarring. They have also been reported to have high recrudescence and failure rates. On the other hand, application of Vitamin A on the affected area, has been shown to be very successful in the eradication of this disturbing problem.

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Vitamin A is one great remedy for painless wart removal.

Given that people with a weakened immune system are more prone to getting a wart virus more than others, consumption of Vitamin A ensures that one enjoys a healthy immune system that functions properly. Vitamin A is also important for healthy epithelial membranes and healthy skin. For warts that have resisted treatment with over-the-counter remedies, salicylic acid or even apple cider, consistent topical application of natural vitamin A on the warts will see your normal skin grow back within no time.

What are the benefits for treating warts?

  • Vitamin A fruitsMaintaining a strong immune system
    There are various body functions that depend on sufficient Vitamin A in the system. This is one of the major reasons as to why Vitamin A is known as an important “immune boosting vitamin”. Vitamin A is very important in fighting autoimmune illnesses and cancer as well as preventing chronic diseases.
  • Fighting skin inflammation
    Vitamin A contains antioxidant properties that counteract free radicals in the body system that cause cellular and tissue damage. It also prevents one’s cells from becoming overactive.
  • Supporting healthy skin and cell growth
    Vitamin A is required for skin re-growth and wound healing. It is necessary for the support of all internal and external epithelial cells. It also aids in the formation of glycoproteins, which is a combination of protein and sugar. Glycoproteins help the cells come together creating soft tissues. Vitamin A, regulates skin cell differentiation and in so doing inhibits the replication cycle of the HPV virus and consequently, the formation of warts.
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  • Preventing malignant skin growths that may be caused by skin warts
    A study conducted by the university of New York showed that, consumption of vitamin A helps control malignant cells in your body. Malignant cells are responsible for various forms of cancer.

How supplementing with vitamin A can help in wart problem

While warts can have psychologically destructive effects on a patient, one should never overlook the emotional impact of any treatment. For instance, when it comes to SCA treatment, the wart is carefully coated with an extremely detectable white film; which may not be feasible for patients who are already uncomfortable or whose warts are on parts that are exposed such as the face.

Warts on hand

On the other hand, Vitamin A is easy to apply, colorless and quickly absorbed into the skin. Furthermore, it is not irritant to the nearby region, nor does it cause flaking or drying of the skin. As vitamin A treats the wart in a manner that causes gradual and perfect treatment, it is thus an invisible form of treatment that does not attract further attention to the affected part and is also unlikely to cause anymore psychological suffering.

Vitamin A infoblockIn what form is vitamin A most effective?
Always remember that it is best to consume Vitamin A from natural sources (food) instead of overloading on supplements. If you prefer topical treatments, then it is best to use Vitamin A gel-caps. Prick one with a sharp object and apply the gel to the warts as advised by the doctor. Be ware that if Vitamin A supplements are consumed in high doses, then it can end up being toxic.

What are the best sources of Vitamin A available?

You can get Vitamin A readily from the below sources: Eggs, Winter Squash, Sweet Red Peppers, Romaine Lettuce, Tuna Fish, Beef Liver, Butter, Kale, Sweet potato, Cantaloupe Melon, Carrots, Apricots, Mango, Broccoli, Persimmon, Spinach.

Natural sources of Vitamin A

Is Vitamin A effective for genital warts?

Vitamin A pillsWhen it comes to the removal of warts, the easiest most natural remedy is to be patient and wait for the warts to clear on their own. However, this might take too long and especially for genital warts due to their interference with your everyday life, then, here Vitamin A is the best natural treatment on getting rid of warts. However, other forms of treatment may be used if the warts are inside the vagina.

Past studies have suggested that application of vitamin A topically on warts is an effective treatment for this condition. Vitamin A can thus be said to be the best alternative to the most used wart treatments, including but not limited to SCA and cryotherapy, which have exhibited comparatively low cure rates. When compared to other destructive treatments, Vitamin A is not painful in any way and it also does not cause scarring. Beetle juice is another natural wart remedy that doesn’t leave behind any scar tissue. This article has more information on beetle juice for warts.

The only downside is that, you as the patient, will require to have lots of patience as the treatment may at times take some months for complete treatment. If your warts have scar tissue due to previous tissue-damaging treatments (SCA), then they may need more time for complete treatment to take place.

Always remember that, a healthy lifestyle coupled with constant natural treatment and a lot of patience is the key to getting rid of unwanted warts and decreasing the likelihood of their return.

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