Garlic has been used since ancient times as more than just a food source or flavoring. Its second most popular use has been medicinal, for everything from lowering blood pressure to soothing stomach upset. So where do warts come in? Warts have a viral origin, and garlic is well-known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Some scientific studies even showed garlic fending off the flu under microscope. The case for garlic’s ability to be effective is set based on this knowledge. So while you may not smell as nice, your warts could disappear in record time.

Garlic wart removal: Fast Results

GARLIC: Does it work for Wart Removal?

GARLIC: Does it work for Wart Removal?

Of the many types of home remedies, garlic is one of the few that work very quickly. While somewhat anecdotal in nature, there are many reports as well as guides readily available for how you can remove warts with garlic in as little as seven days. Naturally we are aware that every person, and certainly every wart, is very different so it may not be as simple as that for all.

Benefits of using garlic are:

  • Works in four weeks or less,
  • Cheap,
  • Easy to use,
  • Can be taken orally to avoid smell.

The power of the garlic itself means that if it is going to work, it will work in four weeks or less. Simply put, you will not have to wait long to see the signs of a dead or dying wart. Very large warts of clusters of warts may need longer treatment, as size or close contact with other warts may reduce garlic’s overall ability to penetrate the skin of the wart and start fighting off the virus from all sides. You can also combine home remedies to make garlic more effective.

Garlic on warts

5 Efficient and natural steps to remove warts with garlic

Removing or killing warts with garlic is not difficult, and the process can be completed in just a few steps in a matter of minutes. Garlic treatment will however need to be completely daily, so make sure you have a generous supply of garlic on hand for the process.

Listed below are the items you need for this process:

  • Several cloves of garlic,
  • Nail file,
  • Bandage or tape,
  • A knife.
  1. Step ONE: Skin Preparation
    Prepare your skinAlthough garlic has extensive antibacterial and antifungal properties, you want the strength of the garlic to be completely focused on killing your wart. Therefore, washing and drying skin to remove most bacteria, dirt and any other interfering substances can go a long way towards making the treatment more effective. Thus, cleanse the affected skin before every daily treatment.
  2. Step TWO: Prepare garlic

    Prepare a garlicTo prepare the garlic you will need to first remove the skin from a clove of garlic. From there, either crush the clove with the flat side of a knife, or slice it in half so the juices are revealed and ready for the next step. For double the wart fighting power, consider dipping the garlic in another famous home remedy.

    You do not need to use raw garlic if you’d rather not. Both garlic extract and garlic oil you make at home can work just as well. To make garlic oil, heat five cloves of garlic in one cup of olive oil on low heat for 10 minutes, remove cloves and allow to cool.
  3. Step THREE: Saturate area
    Grabbing the crushed garlicThe next step is to coat the area in juices completely. This can be done by grabbing the crushed garlic or halved clove and gently rubbing across the surface of the wart and around the edges of the wart area. The wart should look sufficiently wet with the juices of the garlic when you are done.
  4. Step FOUR: Overnight treatment
    Garlic on tapeWarts treated using garlic are best treated overnight on a daily basis until the warts are cleared up. Do this by placing the cut or crushed garlic over the wart and using bandage or tape to hold it securely in place. The previous saturation helped the garlic get a head start in its wart fighting, but the overnight direct contact truly does the work.
  5. Step FIVE: Assess and repeat
    NailfilesAfter every three days of overnight treatment, file down any parts of the dead/dying wart with a nail file. Do this gently to continue to make progress and allow garlic juices to reach the still living parts of the wart. Continue doing the rub. saturation and bandage method until the wart is completely dead and gone. If no changes have been noticed within four weeks then this remedy is likely not working for you.

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Effectiveness of garlic pills as a cure of warts

Odorless garlic pillsMany people have heard of garlic pills and have considered using them as a wart treatment that saves them from the sometimes messy application of direct application of garlic and garlic juices. The question that remains is does odorless garlic for warts or garlic pills actually work. The answer? Possibly. With garlic, the part that causes the odor is the enzyme that gets much of the antibacterial and antiviral action going. Therefore using odorless garlic is not in your best interest when fighting warts, but it may work.

Odorless garlic is not the best choice for wart fighting.

Garlic in a supplement form still has many of the properties garlic is known for that helps various medical issues. However it is important to understand that garlic in pills is unlikely to work as fast or as effectively on warts as direct, topical treatment will. Whenever something is ingested you lose a lot of its power to the digestive process. After that, the benefits of garlic will be spread out throughout the body and just may not be strong enough to provide a real, lasting effect that you need. This is not to say that garlic pills cannot help at all. But, when dealing with stubborn warts, topical treatment is best.

Sliced garlic

Garlic is a wonderful home remedy option that can save you a doctor’s trip and the bills that go along with it when used correctly. There is plenty of evidence of the antiviral action of garlic, which is exactly what kills off warts which are viral in origin. Using garlic to treat warts is neither difficult, nor time consuming and usually works very quickly. Before trying any expensive treatments it is always worth it giving garlic a try for your warts.

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