Dry ice is a readily available wart treatment appropriate for those who are capable of using it with care. It has many advantages to traditional wart treatments including an instantaneous wart kill time when used correctly on most warts. For the skeptical, wart freezing is already used regularly in both over the counter kits, as well as doctor’s offices worldwide. The premise is simple, as warts are simply composed of infectious skin growths, they can be frozen off to allow the body to begin healing naturally. Discover further benefits to wart freezing as we explore this topic in detail below.

Dry ice wart removal

Dry ice wart removal is a fast way to tackle most warts on the body. Dry ice is simply carbon dioxide that has been lowered in temperature to -110 degrees. This is cold enough to freeze skin to death, and as warts are composed entirely of contagious skin grown out of control, it handles warts with relative ease. Warts generally do not have many pain receptors as they are abnormal skin growths, as such using dry ice should cause little pain. Soreness is common however.

Carbon dioxide

Dry ice works by essentially freezing the wart to death, allowing the body to begin healing the area with new skin. To compare these results with using super glue on warts, click here. The cons of dry ice are soreness and blisters. Blisters are very common in almost all cases of wart freezing, a sign that the skin recognizes damage and prepares the healing process.

Plantar wartThe benefits of dry ice wart removal are:

  • Works relatively quickly compared to other treatments.
  • Easy to obtain in many stores.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Doesn’t require a prescription or doctor’s visit.
  • Does not need to be used daily.

When using dry ice to remove warts you may need to use several treatments, spread out over a few days. This is because the freezing effect may only effect the top layers of a wart, which will fall off allowing you to proceed to the next layer, on and on until your warts are completely gone. The most important thing to keep in mind when using dry ice is to not use on healthy skin. Exposure to normal, healthy skin can cause a severe burn and frostbite. Remember you only wish to burn away the wart and nothing else, so immense care is required.

Never handle dry ice with your bare hands or allow to touch any unprotected skin. In case of minor contact with healthy skin, use warm, never hot, water on the affected area and allow to heal. Seek medical attention for any prolonged contact or skin burns.

How to use dry ice to remove ugly warts

Dry ice wart removal is an involved process, that requires your full attention and care. If you are unfamiliar with the safe handling of dry ice it should not be attempted.

To prepare to treat your warts with dry ice you will need a few items including:

  • A thick pair of winter or working gloves, non-permeable.
  • Dry ice.
  • Hammer or tool.
  1. Step one
    Break off a small piece of dry iceUse a hammer or tool to carefully break off a small, manageable piece of dry ice from a chunk as seen below. It needs to be just large enough to hold securely by your gloved hand and apply to the wart but small enough that none of it risks touching healthy skin. A marble sized chunk is fine. Make sure you hammer carefully so that the dry ice doesn’t go flying everywhere.
  2. Step two
    Grab the small piece of dry iceGrab the small piece of dry ice with your gloved hand and place it against your wart for 15 seconds. If necessary for larger warts, move and rub the dry ice to cover all areas of the wart.
  3. Step three
    White warts from the freezingAfter the 15 seconds, remove the dry ice from your wart and observe. The wart should appear white from the freezing action of the dry ice. As blood returns to the area, stinging and soreness may set in. This is normal, and the soreness can last several days.
  4. Step four
    Observe the skinObserve the skin over the next five days, a blister may form and the dead wart skin will flake, peel or fall away. For larger warts, repeat treatment to tackle the next layer of the remaining wart. Repeat every five days until the wart is gone.

Is dry ice treatment effective?

Dry ice in handsYes, dry ice treatment is very effective on most types of warts. Skin cells simply cannot survive at extreme freezing temperatures, so for the same reason you can get frostbite, your wart will die. The immense cold of dry ice will kill the virus in the touched skin layer on contact, along with the affected skin. Dry ice is significantly more effective than other home remedies because instead of having antiviral fighting qualities, it completely kills the virus with no fighting or long wait needed.

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Dry ice may not be very effective on plantar warts located beneath callused skin or very deep. In addition, since direct skin application is necessary this would make it very dangerous to treat. Only visible, top skin layer warts should be treated with dry ice to ensure the treatment will always be effective. However, as long as dry ice is used properly, it is an efficient wart treatment with the downside being a bit of discomfort.

Can I use dry ice at home?

Dry ice can easily be used at home as long as you follow appropriate handling procedures to avoid accidents. Dry ice is readily available at many grocery stores, and large retail stores such as Wal-mart.

Using dry ice is simple as long as you:

  • Understand the dangers,
  • Handle safely,
  • Do not leave on warts longer than 25 seconds per treatment.
Dry ice is one of the fastest working home treatments.

Dual Action Freeze awayIf using dry ice in this way is not something you think you can do, there are other options. Doctors regularly use dry ice or liquid nitrogen to treat warts for you. Over-the-counter wart freezing kits with easy to follow instructions and applicators are available in pharmacies, Wal-mart, and even online.

Dry ice wart removal is a great option for people who may be otherwise frustrated alternative home remedies that can take a long time to address their problem. Read more about essential oil wart removal options here. With care, your wart can be completely gone in as little as five days, allowing new healthy skin to replace an old problem area. The effectiveness of dry ice on warts is unmatched, a guaranteed kill versus merely wart fighting action of other methods. Easy to find in many stores, dry ice can be used at home and is the ultimate choice for self-treatment.

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