Are you bothered by warts on your hands or feet? They can be very uncomfortable, unsightly and even painful if severe. Don’t despair though! There are many ways to get rid of even the most stubborn warts using natural remedies at home. One surprising trick that you may not have heard of yet is the banana peel wart removal method. It’s simple, painless and easy to apply. It’s also unexpectedly effective.

In this article, you will learn how and why this simple treatment works. You will also learn how to apply the banana peels for best efficacy and most important, how long it takes to get your skin back to normal.

The Efficacy of Banana Peel

Banana peels won’t necessarily work for everyone, but enough people and doctors have reported positive results from this trick that it has become a very recommended home remedy. Even the University of Maryland Medical Center gives advice for how to use banana peel as a wart treatment on their website.

Rubbing the inside of ripe banana peelson warts will dry the wart making it fall off

Different treatments work for different people depending on the size, location and type of wart they are treating. Since some other methods are much harsher and cause side effects or scarring, many people find that it’s a good idea to try more gentle treatments first. If this gentle method doesn’t work, a more aggressive home remedy like dry ice may help. Read here to learn more about dry ice wart removal methods.

Ripe bananas are more effective than unripe for wart removal.

Why the Banana-peel-on-wart Method Works?

There haven’t been any scientific studies to show why this method works yet, so most of our evidence about the effectiveness of banana peels is anecdotal.

For the most part, there are two schools of thought regarding the banana peel cure:

  1. Banana peels prepareSome think that banana peels heal warts by simply keeping the area moist so that the recommended companion treatments like tea-tree oil can penetrate more deeply into the skin. It is hypothesized that the banana skins also reduce the irritation around the treatment area so one can apply the oils more often without hurting the surrounding skin. Other’s don’t agree that the oil is needed and feel that it’s the banana peel itself which delivers the medical effect because the banana peels help to alleviate a mineral deficiency.
  2. Setup banana peelThe mineral deficiency school of thought says that warts are caused by a sub-clinical potassium deficiency. The theory is that potassium deficiencies cause other skin problems also. This is why banana peels are often used to remove moles and skin tags as well as warts. Banana peels are very high in potassium just like apple cider vinegar. So, it would make sense that banana peels help deliver the needed potassium directly to the source at the infected part of the skin. This way, the immune system receives the support it needs to cure the wart naturally.
It’s recommended that you eat foods rich in potassium such as avocado, spinach and sweet potatoes while doing the banana peel treatment. A nutritious diet will reinforce your immune system with the vital nutrients and minerals you need to boost your body and help it to fight the HPV infection that causes warts.

Banana peel patchSince banana peels without essential oils often work too, it’s likely the second school of thought is the more accurate. But, when combined with essential oils banana peels may become even more effective as a treatment. To learn more about essential oils for warts and how they work as well, read here.

How to Remove Embarrassing Warts with Banana Peel

There are a few steps to the banana peel treatment and some of them, like the addition of tea-tree oil, are optional. If you can do the optional steps, your treatment will likely be faster and more effective.

Follow these steps as closely as possible for the best results:

  1. Choose a very ripe banana if you can. Fully ripe bananas are moister and they have more potassium in the skin. (Don’t forget to save those bananas for a tasty batch of banana bread.) Some people say that green bananas are better, but this is inaccurate. This is because immature fruit hasn’t developed its full nutrient profile yet. So, it’s good to get a bunch of bananas that are already yellow. If you don’t want to peel a new banana each day, you can store the part of the peel that you don’t use in a baggie in the refrigerator for a few days. Make sure you have enough banana peel available to replace your patch at least twice a day.
  2. Cut a section of the peel that’s just a little bit larger than the wart. You can use a sharp knife to cut the peel, but meat scissors work even better. Make sure you have a band-aid or small bandage handy to keep the peel in place.
  3. If you have time, soak the wart in warm water for about five minutes to soften it and help your treatment work faster.
  4. Clean the wart thoroughly with soap and water and dry it well.
  5. If you are adding tea-tree oil to the treatment, rub a little bit into the wart or dip the inside, fleshy part of the banana peel into it.
  6. Place the peel, white side down, over the wart and apply the band-aid. Leave the peel in place for at least 12 hours.
  7. At least twice a day, remove the bandage, wash the wart and replace it with a new peel until the wart turns black and falls off.

Banana peel on fingerDepending on the size and type of wart, it can take a few days to a few weeks for the wart to fall of completely. The larger the wart is, the longer it will take to die. Also, plantar warts that grow deeply into the bottom of the foot may take as long as three months to heal with the banana peel treatment.

If the wart is on your hand and you have to wash your hands a lot, prepare extra banana patches and bandages so you can replace the treatment when it gets wet. You can also wear a rubber glove when you are doing work that involves getting your hands dirty.

Banana Peel Wart Cure

Banana peels on armWarts can be difficult to get rid of and quite painful on occasion, so sufferers may be tempted to try harsh treatments first. But these harsh treatments can cause pain and scarring. The banana peel wart cure can bring painless relief without scarring if you have the luxury of being able to wait for the cure to work. Of course, sometimes you need a faster method because the wart is in a painful area or is growing very large. Blister beetle juice is an alternative that works very quickly, in just two or three treatments, but it can cause some pain. Read more about beetle juice for warts here.

Whichever method you choose to rid yourself of warts, make sure that you avoid touching warts and wash your hands when you do. This will help prevent the spread of your infection to others or other parts of your own body. As long as you take the proper precautions and follow up on your treatment, you should see improvement and be back to normal in no time as your body clears the infection.

You can find further details of Home remedies for warts here.