Almost everyone develops at least one skin tag sooner or later. Many people just put up with them. They will even endure skin tags on their eyelids that block vision and cause serious discomfort. This isn’t usually because folks like the way these errant skin growths look. It’s because they think it’s too expensive to get rid of them, or they have tried over-the-counter remedies that didn’t work. Skin tags aren’t like warts because warts are caused by viruses and skin tags aren’t, but some wart removers work on skin tags too. You must be sure to use the right types of wart removers. This article explains how to use wart remover for skin tags and which treatments work best.

Using Wart Remover On Skin Tags

Wart removersA lot of people think that using wart remover on skin tags is overkill, similar to killing one ant with an entire can of bug spray. But some skin tags can be pretty stubborn. They can also be very painful because they tend to grow in areas where the skin rubs against itself, serving as a constant source of irritation. So sometimes – once they have become particularly annoying – using a very strong method of wart remover is just about the right amount of overkill.

One of the main benefits of using at-home wart removers to eliminate your skin tags is that it’s much less expensive that seeing a dermatologist. If you know for a fact that what you are dealing with is a skin tag, then you can safely rid yourself of the nuisance for as little as a few dollars. It may take a few treatments to completely eliminate the skin tags, but you will be able to do it in the privacy of your own home. Additionally, you can start treatment right away rather than waiting for a doctor’s appointment or a consult with a surgical dermatologist.

Do NOT use caustic or cryotherapeutic wart removers to get rid of skin tags on very sensitive areas of the skin such as genitals or eyelids. You could do serious damage to those delicate tissues even if you apply the treatment correctly. The result could be severe pain, infection or even permanent scarring or loss of tissue.

Can I Use Wart Remover On My Skin Tags?

The answer to this question depends entirely on which type of wart remover you are using. Some types of wart removers will work just as well or even better on skin tags, while others won’t work at all. This is because different types of wart removers use different mechanisms to eliminate the warts. If you are wondering how does wart remover work specifically for each of these different methods, you can read this article to learn more.

OhrentropfenThe most common types of wart removal treatments are:

The wart removers that focus strictly on eliminating HPV will not work because skin tags are not caused by HPV.

The rest of the methods like abrasion, acid and cryotherapy do work to remove skin tags as well. Freezing is a particularly effective way to quickly remove skin tags, so we will dedicate a section to just that one method. As far as using the other home-based methods of wart remover for skin tags, if you are very careful not to damage the surrounding skin it should be safe for you to use these treatments.

There is also an electronic wart remover that may prove to be an effective option as well. Read here to learn how electronic wart removers work and how they may be able to help with your skin tags.

How does it work?

As stated above, you must be using the right type of wart remover to remove a skin tag. Anti-viral methods are useless against the condition. But the methods that involve physically removing the skin that is affected by the tag definitely work wonders. The effectiveness and amount of time it takes depends largely on the size of the skin tag. While most of them are very small, only about 3cm on average, some can get very large, even to the size of a thumb, and must be removed by a skilled surgeon. If your skin tags are small, they should clear up with only one or two treatments.

Eliminating skin tags returns the appearance of youthful, smooth skin.

How Can I Remove My Problem With Wart Remover?

Freezing skin tagFirst, don’t automatically assume that your skin condition is harmless unless a doctor has already seen it. Even if you have had several skin tags before and know what they are, it may be better to be safe than sorry. So, confirm that what you have is actually a skin tag because some other skin conditions are dangerous or signs of a larger problem.

Now that you know you have it:

  1. Select your medicine. Remember that only methods that physically remove the skin that contains the skin tag will work.
  2. Wash the area thoroughly. This will eliminate the possibility of developing an infection. Infections enter the skin through abrasions, skin irritations or cuts. Since your wart remover is going to cause a skin irritation, it’s particularly important to make sure that there is no source of infection on the area that could complicate your skin problem.
  3. Further protect the surrounding skin. Since you only want to rid yourself of the skin tag and not the healthy skin that surrounds it, consider applying a prophylactic to the surrounding skin. Make sure it’s the right type of prophylactic for your treatment. For instance, put petroleum jelly around the healthy skin when using salicylic acid.
  4. Carefully apply the wart remover. If the area is difficult to reach, enlist the help of a friend. They will have steadier hands for those hard to reach places and can apply it more accurately so you are less likely to scar your healthy skin.
  5. Wait the recommended amount of time, and then apply again if needed.

The stages of skin tag removal look very similar to the stages of wart removal. To learn more about the different stages of wart removal, read here.

Make sure that your condition really is a skin tag before you seek to treat it at home. Some cancerous conditions can mimic the appearance of skin tags. Skin cancer must be treated by a trained physician because if it is not eliminated completely, it can spread to other parts of the body and cause serious illness or even death.

Freezing Skin Tags

NEW Compound W Skin Tag RemoverFreezing with an over-the-counter treatment like Dr. Scholl’s or Compound W may be the safest and fastest way to rid yourself of skin tags. This treatment often eliminates the problem in just one treatment, although it may take repeat treatments for up to two weeks depending on the size of your skin tags.

Freezing treatments usually use either liquid nitrogen or dry ice to freeze and kill the defective part of your skin so that healthy skin can grow up from below. It’s surprisingly easy to use (considering this is actually a method of surgery) and only minimally painful.

Compound W Skin Tag RemoverHere are the general steps you will use for this type of treatment:

  • First, clean your skin and make sure it’s very dry (you are using a freezing method after all).
  • Then, activate the treatment according to instructions.
  • Apply it just to the skin tag, being extremely careful to avoid your surrounding skin (get help from a friend if it’s hard to reach or see).
  • Wait. Your skin tag will swell up to four times its size (if you applied it correctly) and then hopefully fall off.
  • If the tag doesn’t fall off after the prescribed wait time on the box, repeat the treatment according to the instructions.

Of course, these are only general instructions to explain how the process works. The instructions on the product you choose may be slightly different, so be sure to read the package and follow the included instructions.

Best Wart Remover for My Skin Tags

Freezing is usually a more expensive method of wart remover, with some over-the-counter treatment packages costing roughly $45 for 10 or 15 treatments. But it is by far the best wart remover you can use to rid yourself of skin tags if you can afford it. This is because it is so fast and effective.

Salicylic acid usually works as well, but it can take weeks or even months to completely eliminate the condition. Other methods of physical removal may help, but if they don’t remove the tag at the base, it will return.

Skin tag & Wart Remover Kit

Compound W Skin Tag Remover pack

So, it’s probably worth the extra few dollars to try a freezing treatment first. If you are prone to developing multiple skin tags suddenly, you can buy it when it’s on sale and keep it on hand for when you need it.

Finally, if you get skin tags often, a dermatologist may be the best route. While most over-the-counter treatments work well, they aren’t meant to be used across very large areas of skin. A dermatologist may be able to offer treatment and advice to help reduce the risk of developing new skin tags after you have removed your current ones.

You can find further details of Wart removal here.