Cherry angioma can be frustrating especially if you’re an outgoing person who mingles with different people each day. Red moles are highly visible and no effort will reduce their visibility save for their complete removal. The process of removing cherry angioma can, however, be complicated especially if you negate professional advice or fail to research on the right products for your specific case. If you’re in a state of confusion trying to choose the right technique, then you shouldn’t worry. This article will highlight all the methods available for cherry angioma removal to allow you to pick the best. Read on to learn more!

How to Get Rid of Red Moles

Red moles are not necessarily harmful but you can have them removed for cosmetic reasons. Even then, it is recommended that you get the removal method right to prevent complications during the process.

Cherry angiomasTo ensure your safety, you should always consult your dermatologist to determine the right method for you to use. However, there are several natural home remedies techniques that you can use which are safer than the use of conventional techniques or other removal methods that may require professional input.

If you’re uncomfortable with the home removal techniques, then you should consider over the counter medication. This option requires that you be keen to ensure that you only buy products that are compatible with your skin type. Ensure that you read the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that you get the best results from such products. If you notice weird changes when using the products, we advise that you discontinue its use and seek immediate medical attention. Click here to find out more information on small red bumps.

We’ve discussed these methods in detail below:

Natural Way

Are you confused on the ideal method you should use to get rid of cherry angioma? Well, we understand your frustration since some of the methods recommended by friends may actually backfire on you!

When choosing the ideal home remedy solutions to your moles, you need to take into consideration your skin type. Ensure that you only use products that will not leave behind unnecessary scars!

While natural methods work in the elimination of red moles, you should be careful to consult a doctor about the state of your mole. For example, it would be wrong to use home remedies if your doctor determines a sign of melanoma on the mole!

Never use home remedies if your mole is cancerous!

If you’re sure of your safety, you can proceed and select the best technique to apply below:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). ACV red mole removalThis is one of the most effective products you can use for cherry angioma removal. It will not only eliminate the red moles but also provide cleansing and toning effect which will leave your skin flawless after the healing process. The acetic acid in ACV naturally destroys the red mole’s tissue thus eliminating it fast. You will be required to apply the ACV on the moles frequently (at least once daily) until the cherry angioma is entirely eliminated. Click here to find out more.
  • Tea Tree Oil. Essential oils play a fundamental role in cherry angioma removal. The method is a common treatment option for people looking for a smooth and youthful skin. This benefit has made the manufacturers adopt the product and use it in making beauty products. However, we recommend that, in the case of red moles removal, you should use natural tea tree oil. You can use an appropriate carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil for dilution purposes. It contains antimicrobial properties that actively prevent the condition from worsening. You should apply this product twice daily using sterile cotton balls.
    Tea tree oil cherry angioma treatment
  • Pineapple Juice. This product contains enzymes and citric acid that are instrumental in the removal of red moles! Also, a consistent application of the juice will reduce their conspicuity which will help you to regain your ability to mingle with others confidently. Always ensure that you use fresh juice all the time! You just need clean cotton balls for the application. Apply only on the affected section of your skin at least twice daily.
  • Iodine. Liquid IodineThis product destroys the tissue of the red mole thus boosting your eradication effort. You will need 5% iodine solution to achieve this. Ensure that you first clean the affected section of the skin. You should then apply petroleum jelly on the skin surrounding the mole to protect it from staining. Immediately you achieve this, you can go ahead and apply the iodine on the red mole. Cover it with a clean bandage and let it sit overnight. You should repeat this process until you are convinced that the cherry removal process was a success!
  • Sandal Wood. This product has an outstanding ability to eliminate cherry angioma. To enhance its performance, we recommend that you combine it with basil leaves. The combination offers a powerful effect against all microbes that have been complicating your cherry angioma removal process. Use the combination of these products once daily until you achieve the desired results. Ensure that you use clean cotton balls for the application.

5 Best Red-Mole-Removal Products

If you decide to use various products in cherry angioma removal, then you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Below are 5 products that you should consider:

  1. King Bio Cherry Angioma Remover. Just like the name suggests, this product is the king of cherry angioma removal. It has several active ingredients including Benzoicum Acidum, Calcarea carbonica, and acidum phosphorous. It also contains essential oils which ensures a quick yet blemish-free healing process. You should apply three times a day for approximately 4 weeks.

    Dr.King's Cherry Angioma Remover

  2. Naturasil for Cherry Angiomas. This product offers you a simple natural remedy to resolve your red moles’ menace. Unlike other creams in the market, this product is 100% natural and will thus eliminate the moles effectively with minimal side effects. It contains some essential oils and phosphoricum Acidum which not only ensures a quick healing process but also guarantee scar-free process. You should apply this product twice daily for four weeks. The product is available at Amazon for $17.99 for every 10ml bottle.
    Naturasil for cherry angiomas
  3. HaloDerm Advanced Mole Remover. This product removes red mole successfully if you apply it accordingly. The product is highly natural and you will encounter minimal side effects if any. Ensure that you apply to the affected section of your skin twice daily. The cherry angiomas will disappear within a few days! You can find the product on Amazon at $36.95.
    Homeopathic mole remover by HaloDerm
  4. Pristine Herbal Touch Wart Mole Vanish All Natural Mole. This is a topical cream that will boost your cherry angioma removal process significantly. The product has antibacterial properties and several applications ensure that you get rid of the moles without scarring! You should apply it frequently (approximately twice a week) until the red moles vanish. The product cost $79 at Amazon.
    Wart & Mole Vanish and box contents
  5. Doctor’s Touch Medical Ice Freeze Spray. This product provides rapid freezing of the mole’s tissues thus eliminating it completely. The product is eco-friendly and non-corrosive.
    Medical Ice Freeze Spray

Red Mole Removal Options

There are three options that you can use for red mole removal. Whichever technique you choose, you should ensure that your safety is guaranteed. You should consider the cause of the mole too. Read more about what causes red moles here.

The three options include:

  1. home remedy solutions,
  2. over the counter medication,
  3. professional cherry angioma removal options.

You can use the home remedies options we’ve discussed in this post as well as the over-the-counter products that are readily available in stores such as Amazon.

If you choose professional removal, the doctor may opt for any of the following techniques:

  • Surgical removal. Surgical procedureThis is particularly preferred if the red mole is significantly large and carries the risk of melanoma. The doctor will use surgical tools to cut off the mole. The entire process is carried out when you’re numb to reduce the pain. This process will require care during the healing process to prevent infections.

    While surgical removal of cherry angioma is effective, the process is highly invasive. If you’re uncomfortable with the process, you should always ask the doctor whether there exist less invasive techniques. Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you follow your doctor’s final advice to facilitate a quick healing process.
  • Electrocauterization. The doctor will use electric current to eliminate cherry angioma. The current is passed to the mole using a tiny nozzle. It destroys the tissue of mole thus ensuring complete removal within a short time.
  • Laser Surgery. This method uses a concentrated laser that generates sufficient heat to destroy the tissues of the red mole. This is one of the quickest procedure to get rid of the moles. If you have multiple cherry angiomas, you will need approximately three sessions.
    Laser Surgery
  • Cryosurgery. In this case, the doctor will use liquid nitrogen to freeze the tissues of the mole thus destroying them completely. This is a straightforward process that requires a maximum of 2 minutes to complete!
    Cryotherapy procedure

Cherry Angioma: Before and After Pictures

This section offers pictures to guide you on the appearance of the red moles before and after treatment.

The photo shows the red mole before the removal process. After the removal, the mole was eliminated with no scarring!

Before and after cherry angioma removal process

This image shows the success of using home remedies to remove red moles. It only took two weeks!

Cherry angioma: before and after home treatment

The image shows a successful surgical removal of cherry angioma:

Cherry angioma before and after surgical removal

The Cost of Removal

The cost of removing your moles is dependent on whether you are removing the mole for cosmetics purposes or for other medical reasons. Cosmetic removal will cost you approximately $130 and $70 for subsequent removal without an insurance.

In the case of medical reasons, the cost will vary depending on the complexities and the procedures that are required to complete the process. The average rate would be $400 depending also on the facility. However, the insurance will cater for a significant proportion of the bill depending on your insurance plan.

Best Way to Get Rid of Cherry Angiomas

The best method to use for elimination of cherry angioma is the use of surgery. While this could be an expensive process compared to home remedies, it offers quick results. Also, the involvement of a professional in the process increases the safety level of the entire process.

The doctor will determine the best surgical operation to use depending on the location and the cause of the red mole.

Cherry angioma removal process will only be a success if you choose the best technique and implement it religiously. Ensure that you only select methods that are compatible with your skin type to avoid adverse reactions.