The only thing worse than an acne breakout is the mark it leaves behind in the end. Eliminating these spots has proved a nightmare to many people. Even if you don’t pick it, many are the times that your skin becomes infested with acne scarring after a breakout. The good news is that you don’t have to just smile and stomach it. This article will take you through the various acne scar treatment options that you can employ to aid in fading away your remaining spots.

How does acne scarring occur?

Regardless of its commonness during adolescence, acne is actually becoming a concern across the divide, and especially because of the ugly scars left behind; not mentioning how difficult it is to remove them.

While it is possible to quickly eliminate pimples using a few natural ingredients from the kitchen, acne scars can be extremely bothersome. It becomes even more difficult for women to hide them using makeup.

Do not allow skin acne scars to control your life.

Acne scars come about during the healing process as pimples clear from the skin. Collagen (supports proper tissue repair) is naturally produced in your body during this process. If your body produces too much or too little collagen, then scar will definitely form.

These scars are usually raised or depressed. The question that most people ask is, whether it is possible to clear acne scars overnight? Yes, it is certainly possible. Read on for more.

Common Acne Scar Treatments

Many are the times that most people who’ve had acne wonder what to do over their acne scars. A pimple may take a few days to clear. Acne doesn’t last forever; however, scarring does.

No need to worry though as there are some common acne scar treatments that offer much needed help to people desperate over removing their acne scars.

For those interested in preventing pimples from scarring from the word go, or those interested in the best acne scar treatment products, here’s conclusive information on the various common ways that you can employ in order to get rid of acne scars.

Acne Scars: Common Treatments

Zit treatments

Zit treatments are great for preventing scarring. Well, the best way that one can fight acne scars is for one not to get pimples in the first place. However, it is really hard as pimples just grow despite our very best efforts.

For starters, do not pick on your pimples. Instead of picking on them, make use of an acne treatment product that contains benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulphur. All these ingredients help to fade pimples very fast.

Some products to try include:

  • Dermal-Quench Clear - Kate SomervilleDermal-Quench Clear – Kate Somerville

    This anti-acne treatment works powerfully fast to help cleanse, relieve, and clear acne from your skin. This formula is both powerful and gentle as it:

    • Exfoliates.
    • Unclogs skin pores.
    • Controls bacteria that causes pimples to form on the skin.
    • Reduces oil on the skin.
    • Minimizes skin redness.
    • Increases oxygen levels in the skin.
    • Retains skin moisture.
    • Balances skin pH.
    • Smoothens the skin.

    It contains 0.5% salicylic acid and retails at a price of $58.

  • Clearasil Ultra® Rapid Action Treatment CreamClearasil Ultra® Rapid Action Treatment Cream
    This acne treatment cream is dermatologist-proven in the reduction of zit size and inflammation in as little as 4 hours. It contains powerful ingredients that enter the skin’s pores so as to achieve blemish-free skin fast. Clearasil Ultra Rapid-Action Acne Cream contains about 10% of benzoyl peroxide and retails at a price of $7.38. It is a great acne remedy for people on a budget.

Skin Inflammation Soothers

Inflammation soothers are especially great for skin prone to hyper-pigmentation and redness.

In most cases, acne breakouts cause redness, and soothing the primary redness can facilitate faster healing of the pimple. It is advisable to get products that help with the redness and swelling. Such products contain ingredients such as yeast, oats, green tea and licorice.

Some products to try include:

  • Dermalogica Overnight Clearing GelDermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel. Price: $49
  • Dermalogica Sebum Clearing MasqueDermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque. Price: $46
  • St. Ives Nourished and Smooth Oatmeal Scrub + MaskSt. Ives Nourished and Smooth Oatmeal Scrub + Mask. Price: $3.99 (For those on a budget).

Mild Exfoliant

If you end up popping your pimples and end up scarring, then fight it when it’s still early. Treat those acne scars with a mild exfoliant which will help get rid of the scarred skin cells. Mild exfoliant products should contain ingredients such as lactic acid, rice extract or salicylic acid.

Some products to try include:

  • Bioelements Amino MaskBioelements Amino Mask
    Bioelements Amino Mask helps unclog skin pores, fighting bacteria that cause zits as well as controlling production of oil in the skin; which leaves your complexion clearer. It contains 5% sulphur.
    Price: $59
  • Tatcha Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme PowderTatcha Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder
    It not only exfoliates, but also cleanses and tones dry and normal skin types.
    Price: $65
  • CeraVe Renewing SA CleanserCeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser
    CeraVe gently cleanses the skin while softening and smoothing it. It neither dries out your skin nor contain any irritants.
    Price: $12.99.

How to choose the right treatment

Laser acne scars treatmentAll acne cases are not formed alike, and as such, neither is every acne treatment. Although all pimples come about due to hormonal variations that stimulate sebum, the severity too varies and the treatments do not respond in a similar manner.

  • Collagen injections for acne scars
    The skin is made up of three key components namely: hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. Collagen is the component that supports tissue repair. For those with depressed scars, collagen causes the skin to rise and plump up which makes scars far less visible.
  • How are Collagen injections done?
    The dermatologist injects liquid collagen into the skin with a syringe containing a needle at the tip. The physician ensures that the patient’s skin is absolutely clean before the treatment. The affected area is usually desensitized by applying a topical anesthetic or even ice.
  • Collagen injections side-effects

    You can resume your everyday duties immediately after treatment; however, the following are a few side-effects that can occur:

    • Redness and some swelling can occur.
    • Some light bruising may also occur.

    Patients are however advised to apply some ice to the skin approximately 20 minutes after treatment.

  • How long do Collagen injections last?
    Treatment from Collagen injections usually last for a period of 2-4 months. For long-lasting results, you can use your own body fat to fill up the scar.
    For permanent results, the patient can use polymethylmethacrylate; which is a combination of micronized plastic spheres and bovine collagen.
Collagen injections carry a risk of an allergic reaction. Your doctor should give you a test injection first.

Dermabrasion for acne scars

Dermabrasion procedureDermabrasion is a procedure of removing the external layers of blemished skin and replacing it with smooth, new skin that is blemish-free. Dermabrasion used to be a terrifying practice that was done using a high-speed turning brush that caused bleeding on the skin.However, today, microdermabrasion is a practice that is done without any bleeding or pain.

The only difference between the various dermabrasion techniques is the cost and the period one will have to wait in order to notice visible results on their acne scarred skin. Dermabrasion is usually carried out under local anesthesia. If performed correctly, dermabrasion starts to have an outcome in 24 hours, though the skin can take up to two weeks to heal.

It is extremely important to apply therapeutic ointments as directed by the physician. You should also refrain from using any cosmetics until your physician has given the go ahead. In the event that you are not using sunscreen, staying clear of direct sunlight is the best way to avoid sun damage.

Here are the different medical methods that you can use to treat acne scars:

  • Cortisone Creams
    These acne scars creams helps in reducing swelling and redness, as well as promoting fast healing of the scars. Your dermatologist should prescribe the best acne scar cream for your skin type. Cortisone creams are usually available in both OTC (over the counter) and prescription forms.
  • Skin Lightening Creams
    These are usually readily available in OTC form. Active ingredients in lightening products include Vitamin C, kojic acid, mulberry extracts, arbutin and licorice extracts. All of these ingredients work together in fading skin hyperpigmentation which results in acne scarring.
    Majority of these creams do not cause any irritation or damage of the skin. Any lightening products that contain hydroquinone as one of the ingredient should be avoided.
    For dark-skinned people, use of skin lightening creams may not be logic as your skin may be incapable of manufacturing melanin, which could leave spots on your skin.
  • Retinoid Skin Products
    Retinoid skin products are usually laden with vitamin A derivatives. They are usually used to treat various skin conditions including fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration and acne.
    Retinoid creams will also stimulate collagen production. Although expensive, dermatologists prefer these creams over anything else because they are not only effective, but also give quick results.
    They can also be bought over the counter, while their stronger counterparts can only be bought with a prescription. Mike Walden’s Acne No More System is one of the best products for acne scars and also one of the most recommended by dermatologists.
  • Dermal Fillers
    In most instances, acne scars usually leave lasting depressions on your skin. These injections may be the ideal treatment so as to make your skin more level thus reducing the effects of acne scars.
  • Laser Treatment
    This treatment should only be tried if all else fails. Laser treatment for acne scars will either vaporize the scar or stimulate the production of collagen. This usually promotes the growth of new skin cells in place of the scar.
  • Chemical Peeling And Microdermabrasion
    These treatment methods tend to be overly harsh on your skin and even take some time to heal. Nevertheless, these are the preferred methods and especially if the creams and lotions fail to produce satisfactory results.
    When it comes to Chemical Peelings, a concentrated acid is usually applied on the skin. The acid works by eating away at the outermost layer of the skin. This then lets another skin layer to form in place of the old one that’s free from scars. In microdermabrasion, a wire brush is used to exfoliate the skin.

How much does acne scar removal cost?

Acne scar treatments differ in cost due to the extent of the particular scar, intricacy of scar revision and the sort of treatment employed.

Acne scars are greatly inconsistent, and so are the majority of treatments available. You will find that some of these treatments such as Full Laser Resurfacing partly bear a Medicare rebate.

As a guide:

  • Microdermabrasion
    A treatment that does not require any down-time can go at a rate of roughly $125, whereas a more demanding dermabrasion procedure that requires more time will usually go for approximately $200.
  • Chemical Peels
    Chemical peels that do not require a lot of work to complete can go for a rate of as low as $95; while ones that require down-time can go for as high as $400 and are usually performed by a physician.
  • Light Treatments
    This type of acne treatment usually goes for approximately $75-$125. It however depends on the extent of the particular treatment.
  • Acne scar removal before and after – pictures
    Before and after acne scars treatment 1
    Before and after acne scars treatment 6
    Before and after acne scars treatment 5
    Before and after acne scars treatment 4
    Before and after acne scars treatment 2
    Before and after acne scars treatment 3
  • What is the best procedure for acne scars treatment?
    Acne scars are usually very stubborn, and no particular treatment is best for every person. Different processes may help in improving your skin tone.

Acne scars treatment procedure

Your physician may recommend that you use one or a combination of different techniques. To establish what’s best for you, you will need to first discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each process with your doctor.

You can find further details of Acne scars here.