When you have acne, healing the lesions is only half the battle. No matter how carefully you treat your acne, it can leave unsightly scars.

Skin contains a fibrous tissue called collagen. Injuries to your skin, such as those caused by acne, cause a loss of collagen. Healed skin looks different from normal skin due to the lost collagen. That difference in appearance is a scar.

Scars often look red when they first occur, but will fade over time. Wait long enough and the scar will no longer be noticeable. Many individuals don’t want to wait for years for their acne scars to fade naturally and turn to remedies that will speed up the process.

Some Home Remedies for Acne Scars Should Be Avoided

Although you may want to make your acne scars vanish as quickly as you can, patience is your friend. You cannot rub off a scar of any kind, so forget about using harsh exfoliates, stiff wash clothes, and hard sponges or loofahs. You also need to stop concocting home remedies that you think will burn off your scars. Scars are damaged skin tissue, so any chemical that can burn normal skin will only make a scar worse.

While most home remedies are made from natural ingredients, not every remedy is for every individual. First, do a patch test on normal skin with the remedy you want to try. If it tingles or burns, turns your skin red, or causes any kind of irritation, do not apply it to your scars. The wrong home remedy will potentially make your scar worse as well as stop your skin’s natural healing process.

Acne Scars Facts
Scars are formed when the skin is injured. Each kind of injury forms a different type of scar. Acne scars are usually one of three types:

  1. Ice pick scars are small, deep pits that look like punctures.
  2. Boxcar scars tend to be more rectangular, with sharp edges. They may be deep or shallow.
  3. Rolling scars look lumpy or wavy. They are usually wide and shallow.

The type and appearance of scars make a difference when you want to know how to get rid of acne scars naturally.

Terms for Acne Scarring

Terms for Acne Scarring

Homemade remedies for acne scars are abundant, and the list of ingredients is almost endless. There’s something for everyone.

Scars are made less noticeable by:

  • Lightening the scar tissue.
  • Tightening the pores.
  • Stimulating the growth of new tissue.

Many of the at home remedies can also leave your normal skin soft and smooth.

Fresh lemons

Fresh lemons

Most of the homemade acne scar treatments have antibiotic and anti-inflammatory benefits to aid your natural healing process. One of the easiest to prepare and use is lemon juice. Squeeze the juice from a fresh lemon and pat it on your scar. Use once a day for up to ten minutes, then rinse it off with water.

If the lemon juice burns your skin, dilute it with water or honey. You will need to avoid the sun after using any remedy that contains lemon juice as it makes you burn easily.

Use only pure and organic essential oils

Use only pure and organic essential oils

Other home remedies you can use the same way include lime juice, cucumber juice, or Vitamin E oil. If you can’t find Vitamin E oil, simply pierce a Vitamin E capsule and use the oil from it. If you can obtain fresh aloe vera, snip the leaf and apply the gel that oozes from it to your scar twice a day.

Essential oils such as lavender, rose, carrot, and tree tea oil are recognized as useful home remedies for acne scars. They must be diluted as they are too potent to use full strength. Use no more than four drops of oil to two tablespoons of water. Dilute even more if you have sensitive skin. Apply two or three times a day.

Home Remedies to Use on Your Face

Fenugreek seeds and leaves

Fenugreek seeds and leaves

Home remedies for facial scars are essentially the same as acne scar removal home remedies for other scars. However, you may prefer facials. Many facials will benefit all the skin on your face because they moisturize and soften while healing blemishes and scars.

You may be familiar with fenugreek as a spice in Indian dishes, but it also has time-honored medicinal uses. If you can obtain fenugreek leaves, mash them into a paste and smooth the paste on your skin. Leave it in place for 15 minutes before removing. You can find fenugreek seeds wherever spices are sold. Boil the seeds in water, strain, and dab the water on your scars. Experiment with the proportion of seeds to water until you get a comfortable solution.

Honey and Cinnamon For Acne Scars

Honey and Cinnamon For Acne Scars

Another healthy spice is cinnamon. Either pulverize a cinnamon stick or purchase ground cinnamon. Mix one teaspoon each of cinnamon powder and honey, and apply to your face for one hour. Remove with warm water.

Oatmeal is good for more than a healthy breakfast. Combine 1/4th cup of oatmeal with two tablespoons of honey. Use the mixture as a mask to cover your face for 20 minutes, then clean with warm water.

Daily Remedies

Establishing a daily routine for acne scar home treatment will help make your existing scars less visible as well as prevent new scarring. You’ll find the ingredients for many remedies in your refrigerator or pantry.

Drinking extra water helps your skin grow healthy new cells.

Baking soda

Baking soda

A good one to start with is baking soda because it’s a gentle exfoliate that will help remove the dead cells and debris that lead to acne. Mix a small amount of baking soda with enough water to form a thick paste. Smooth the paste on your scars and acne-prone skin, then gently massage for a couple of minutes. Leave it on for about five more minutes before removing with warm water. Finish with a non-oily moisturizer.

Raw potatoes

Raw potatoes

Raw potatoes work slowly to remove acne scars, but they’re very effective if you can be patient. Cut a potato into slices. Gently rub a slice over your scars until the slice feels dry. Repeat with another potato slice, always using a circular movement. Continue with fresh slices for about 20 minutes. If you can, leave the potato juice on your skin for another five minutes to soak in. Rinse and apply a moisturizer.

If you don’t mind getting a little messy, you’ll find that tomatoes can help make acne scars invisible. Cut up a red tomato that’s ripe, then mash the pieces into pulp. Leave the pulp on your face for 15 minutes, then rinse Apply the pulp to your face for about 15 minutes before removing.

Provide Overnight Results

Use ice made from pure water

Use ice made from pure water

Discovering good acne scars home remedies can take time. Although most remedies work slowly, there are a few that can help improve the appearance of your scars overnight.

Start by holding an ice cube or ice pack against your scar. The cold will tighten and decrease the size of your pores, making the scars look smaller.

Egg Whites for Acne Scars

Egg Whites for Acne Scars

Egg whites are rich in protein and can speed up the healing process. Separate the whites from two or three eggs and whip until frothy. Apply the froth to your scars and leave on overnight. Clean with warm water in the morning.

Olive oil is an effective acne scar remover. Massage a small amount gently on your scars. Keep massaging until it feels as if your skin has absorbed the oil. Heat a clean towel with warm water and place it against your skin until it cools. The heat will help your skin absorb the olive oil. Gently wipe off any excess oil with the towel.

You’ll find various kinds of OTC acne scar creams at most pharmacies. You may wish to experiment with them.

Choosing the Best Home Chemical Peel for Acne Scars

Most home remedies for acne scars are made from ordinary ingredients and are easy-to-use. They are often inexpensive and benefit your skin in other ways, especially when it comes to minimizing scarring from future breakouts.

It’s important that you use only pure and natural ingredients. When possible, choose organic products. Honey must be unprocessed.

When your home remedies don’t seem to be working, you may want to try a chemical peel. Chemical peels use natural acids to destroy the upper layer of your skin, including your scars. New skin will grow in that isn’t scarred.

Chemical peels usually include one or more of the following ingredients:

  • Mandelic acid is a gentle peel made from almonds. Don’t use it if you’re allergic to nuts.
  • Lactic acid is made from milk. It’s suitable for all skin types. Don’t use it if you’re allergic to most dairy products.
  • Glycolic acid is created from sugar cane. It’s stronger than the other chemical peels. Use it only if you have normal or oily skin.
  • Phytic acid is a rice product. Use it when your skin is too sensitive to use the other types of peels.
  • Salicylic acid is another name for beta hydroxy. It’s good for oily skin. Don’t use it if you’re allergic to aspirin.
  • Non-acid enzyme peels have been developed for individuals with extremely sensitive skin.

You must read and follow the product directions exactly. If you don’t, you could end up with severely damaged skin.

What Are the Least Irritating Home Remedies?

Skin is extremely tough, but it’s also easily irritated. One of the best remedies for removing acne scars without irritation is cocoa butter. Your skin absorbs it quickly and it works to lock moisture deep within your skin. Moisturized skin grows new scar-free tissue easily. Clean your skin, then massage cocoa butter into it. Leave it on overnight.

Honey is the go-to remedy for all skin conditions. It can be used by itself or in combination with nearly all of your other remedies. It’s an antibiotic, it’s gentle, and it’s a natural moisturizer. Simply smooth honey on your skin. Leave it in place for as long as you’re comfortable, then wash off with warm water.

At home remedies can fade acne scars. What works best for you depends on your skin type and the severity of your scarring. You’ll need to experiment and you’ll need to be patient, but the result will be lovelier skin.

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