Whether you’re dealing with occasional acne or an unrelenting breakout, you’ll need to choose a method that will effectively eradicate the menace. Body acne can leave behind ugly spots that will destroy the texture of your skin and take away your self-esteem! You shouldn’t, therefore, hesitate to discover that unique method that will ensure a spot-free acne healing process. This article will elucidate the benefits of different methods to allow you make an informed decision. If you have been wondering what to look out for when researching on acne-healing techniques, then you should worry no more. Read on to get the most valuable tips!


The treatment of body acne is multi-dimensional and requires that you’re determined to consistently apply an eradication plan without wavering. Well, the fact that you are looking up information on the eradication process means that you are willing to abide by all the rules that guarantee a natural, smooth skin texture. Right?

You’ll need to leave some of the cosmetic products you’ve been using, improve your diet, and enhance your lifestyle to ensure the success of whichever method you select.

If you commit to the three items, you will have an easy time treating the bad body acne, chest acne, scalp acne, or the ugly pimples on the neck!

Severe Body Acne

It’s overwhelming to have acne all over your body especially when they become severely infected by bacteria. Such acne is characterized by whiteheads that are filled up with pus which raises the chances of developing blemishes after the healing process. You should never pick the pimples since such an action guarantees a spot afterward. Instead, just use the rightful topical or oral medications until the acne disappears naturally.

The initial step of eradicating the stubborn acne is establishing their primary cause. There are several factors that lead to acne development including hormonal changes, poor diet, climate change, allergens-containing cosmetic products, and pollution. Once you identify the cause, you’ll need to adjust your lifestyle to ensure that you rectify the situation. You should drop the cosmetics causing the acne on your skin, start taking vitamin-rich diet and plenty of water as well as avoid those pollutants that are causing the pimples.

“Why do I have body acne?”

“Why do I have body acne?”

Some skins are sensitive to the ultraviolet rays and their continuous exposure to sunlight over a prolonged period may lead to the emergence of acne. In such cases, you should ensure that you avoid direct contact with the sun rays or use various readily available sunscreen lotions when working under the sun. Also, if your skin is photosensitive, you should regulate the frequency of scrubbing based on your observations. If, for example, you’ve observed that scrubbing your skin twice a week leads to pimples, you should switch to once per week!

You Can Do It Naturally

You shouldn’t stress yourself due to that body acne that just can’t go away! There are numerous natural methods that you can apply to ensure that you achieve an acne-free body in a few weeks.

Here are some of the commonest techniques that you need to try out:

  • Use of homemade solutions. While at home, you can prepare some concoctions that have the potential to eliminate those pimples quickly. Some of the substances that you may use include apple cedar vinegar, tea tree oil, green tea rinse, baking powder scrub, sea cucumber gel, honey and turmeric mask, Aloe Vera, milk of magnesia, and lemon juice. These substances are either used independently or mixed to make a concoction. Ensure that you’re aware of all the allergens that may raise a problem on your skin and avoid such products for good. Read on the best acne products in the market currently.

    Homemade naturally acne treatments

    Note Better!
    While doing it yourself (DIY) techniques are easy-to-use, you need to exercise caution since different skins react differently to various substances. As such, you should immediately discontinue the product if you note striking changes in the integrity of your skin immediately after the application. Also, ensure that you research the best type of the home remedies that will suit the type of your skin. If in doubt, you should always seek an expert opinion on your issue!
  • Regularly exfoliate your skin. The skin pores need to be open all the time to avoid the emergence of body acne. You’ll only achieve this if you regularly remove the dead cells from your skin. While this is an important exercise to guarantee an acne-free skin, you should avoid overdoing it which would otherwise compromise your skin’s texture.
  • Ensure proper diet. The skin requires lots of nutrients to ensure that you kick out the acne worries. You should ensure that your diet is well-balanced which will keep your skin glowing. Additionally, consume a lot of water to keep it hydrated and enhance perspiration to keep the pores open.
  • Keep it clean! This is the golden rule of keeping the acne at bay! Always ensure that you regularly wash your face using friendly soaps. Are you coming from a workout? Great! But remember to wash your face immediately to open up the skin pores and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Body Acne Scars

Body acne scars can take away your courage to mingle with people. You, however, shouldn’t worry since there are several methods that you can apply to get rid of the scars fast.

Key among them include:

  • Baking Soda. The product gently exfoliates your skin ridding off the dead skin and consequently clearing your complexion; add enough water to make a paste and apply it on your body for a few minutes.
  • Essential Oils. You can choose to use tea tree, Aloe Vera, or coconut oil to wash your face. These products have astringent properties that take away your acne scars in a few days! For more information click here.
  • Vinegar/ Lemon Juice. The products contain helpful chemicals that remove the old skin and allow the regeneration of a smooth scar-free skin.

If you decide to use creams, you should check the label to ensure that it includes vitamin C, vitamin E, glycolic acid, retinol, or zinc sulfate. These substances have incredible astringent properties that keep the scars at bay.

Fast technique

Perhaps you’re wondering why it takes too long to eradicate body acne. Well, you will be shocked to learn that you can get rid of the stubborn acne within two days! This is not magic but rather, a mastery of elimination techniques coupled with your discipline to stick to the routine religiously.

You may decide to use cortisone to eliminate the stubborn acne in a few hours. In this case, you need to visit a dermatologist acne specialist where they will apply the product directly on the acne.

Never use cortisone products without the approval of your dermatologist!

When using all these methods ensure that you first check their compatibility with your skin to avoid severe side effects and consequent complications.

Murad body acne duo

Remove Your Body Acne in a Week

To achieve acne elimination within a week, you’ll need to eliminate all the causative factors including that cosmetic product that you love so much! After that, you will need to clean your body at least twice daily. Avoid using sensitive soaps that may cause irritation which may trigger picking.

Secondly, you need to mask your face with an ideal astringent; salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, tea tree, witch hazel, or green tea. Once you pick your best astringent, you need to apply it directly on the acne and leave it for the specified time and thereafter wash using plenty of water. In severe acne instances, you may need to use the products overnight to guarantee their complete eradication within a week!

4 Simple Tips

If you’re in dire need of restoring the complexion of your skin and avoiding those bumpy pimples on your body, you just need to apply these simple tips:

  1. Maintain high-level body hygiene. The acne result from the blockage of the pores by debris. The surest way of avoiding the pimples is by ensuring that your body is always clean!
  2. Avoid changing cosmetic products! Stick to the ideal product for your skin. If you keep changing the products, your skin is likely to develop an allergy to certain constituents in the new items leading to acne.
  3. Stick to the acne-elimination plan. Discipline is critical in eradicating acne for good. Ensure that you implement all the steps in a plan for a guaranteed acne elimination.
  4. Befriend your Dermatologist. There is nothing as costly as ignorance! Whenever you locate a persistent acne on your body, you should always seek experts’ opinion!

Getting rid of acne requires your commitment towards the process. Once you’ve identified the ideal method for your body, ensure that you do not deviate from the plan whatsoever! Evaluate the methods outlined here and pick the best.

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