Home remedies have been the saving grace for many people who want an effective way to treat their issue without a doctor’s trip. Plantar warts are no exception, as there are a variety of both natural and over-the-counter treatment options to get rid of these frustrating warts. So if you are suffering from plantar warts, don’t fret. Peruse any of the OTC products or true natural remedies from home listed here to be well on your way to a wart-free life.

Plantar wart removal at home

Removing warts at home can be a relatively simple process although repeated applications of some remedies are necessary. Remedies vary pretty extensively by type but many are completely natural. On the other hand there are unnatural and somewhat quirky plantar warts home treatments such as utilizing duct tape. Obviously not all remedies will work for everyone, or some may not be practical for all parts of your foot. To learn more about plantar warts on your toe, check out this info.

Here are some common at home remedies for these painful warts:

  • Lemon and garlicNail polish,
  • Using the peel of a banana,
  • Garlic,
  • Duct tape,
  • Potatoes,
  • Lemon juice.

Along with the many home remedies there are also over the counter products that can be used. However we will focus on options that are truly found at home. Some chemical based products can be dangerous, or even make your plantar warts worse. Other “remedies” may suggest cutting as an option. What happens when you cut out a plantar wart? Discover the answer here. For now, lets stick to safe, effective, tried and true methods as we learn how to remove plantar warts at home.

Never follow any home remedy that encourages you to cut out your wart yourself. This is dangerous, can lead to infection, and most importantly will do little to solve your wart problem. If instant removal is desired or necessary, seek a doctor’s advice on your options.

Natural remedies for removing plantar warts

ACV naturallyThe most popular natural remedy for plantar wart removal is apple cider vinegar. This well-known treatment is good for most warts located on the hands and feed. Consistent treatment with ACV will eventually help allow the wart to be pulled off if it does not fall off entirely on it’s own.

ACV is generally used in one of two ways. The easiest method is to soak your foot in a warm bath of apple cider vinegar and warm water in equal parts for 20 minutes daily. While this option isn’t the strongest, it can be easier to do if the second option proves to be impractical. The bandage option is the faster of the two options and results can be expected in as little as a week.

ACV wart removalIt involves these steps:

  • Soak a clean cotton ball thoroughly in apple cider vinegar.
  • Use a foot wrap or bandage to wrap the cotton ball against your wart.
  • Remove after twenty four hours and check progress.
  • Repeat steps one through three until your wart falls off or peels away.

Another completely natural remedy is lemon. Much like vinegar and many prescription wart treatments, lemon juice is very acidic. The acidic nature helps kill the wart as well as bring it to the surface where the dead skin, wart and all, can fall or be peeled off. In order to treat your plantar warts with lemon you will either need a fresh lemon, lemon juice or lemon essential oil.

Home remedies can take up to 2 months to work.

Wart remedies with lemonFor a fresh lemon, slice and squeeze the juice onto a cotton ball then apply, bandaging to keep it in contact with your skin constantly. The same methods work for using lemon juice, just be sure to change the cotton balls on a daily basis. Lemon essential oil will not need cotton balls or bandaging, massaging five drops of oil into your wart daily is all that is necessary. Be sure to wash your hands to avoid spreading warts. To learn more about what causes plantar warts, see this article.

Top 3 effective home remedies

  1. Duct Tape
    Duct tape methodThe number one effective home remedy for treating plantar warts is the use of duct tape. Of course it may sound silly and yet it is by far the simplest way to remove warts at home and is an item most people already have in their houses. Dubbed the duct tape method, this wart removal process consists of cutting a piece of tape down to the size of your wart and leaving it on for a week. After a week has passed the tape is removed. The topmost part of your wart will be dead and can be filed away with a pumice stone after a brief foot soak. Then you put on a new piece of duct tape and repeat the process until the wart is gone. While it may not be the quickest method, it is ranked as one of the most effective by many wart sufferers.
  2. Tea Tree Oil
    Tea Tree Oil MethodTea tree oil is another favorite for its efficacy and ease of use and ranked 2nd. No complicated instructions here, just simply apply three to four drops of tea tree oil to your wart daily and you should have results and hopefully removed warts within two weeks. Tea tree oil is a very strong essential oil, and can occasionally be overwhelming for some people. It should never be applied to skin that is broken, bleeding or any holes from past warts. Those with sensitive skin often avoid irritation by diluting the tea tree oil with a gentle oil such as mineral or olive oil.
    While lemon or tea tree oils are the most popular, many oils have been proven to be effective including: Clove oil, Lavender oil, Eucalyptus oil.
  3. Uric Acid
    Uric Acid MethodThe third most efficient home remedy is not for those easily grossed out. You can use your own urine to treat plantar warts, and it works. Uric acid found in urine has the same effect lemon juice and apple cider vinegar provide in helping rid you of warts. It also tends to be gentler on the skin than apple cider vinegar. Warts hate acids, and if you can’t afford the previously mentioned methods it is completely safe to use your own urine in the cotton ball and bandage method.

What is the most effortless method?

Out of all the home remedies mentioned, one stands alone for ease of use and minimum cost. Apple cider vinegar is the most effortless method of home removal out of all remedies. Why is this? Due to the set it and forget it approach, using ACV is an absolute breeze. No constant application of creams, no filing with a pumice stone, and no bandages if you utilize the simple foot soak method. There is no real difficulty in using apple cider vinegar and it is generally effective on everyone if home remedies will work at all.

ACV is:

  • Safe for all skin types,
  • Easy to use,
  • Easy to purchase in large quantities,
  • Only needs a once daily application,
  • Generally effective on most warts.

ACV method

There are additional reasons ACV is a great choice and starting option to treat plantar warts at home. It needs no refrigeration, and does not even begin to degrade for five long years. Most people have a bottle on hand at home and even if you do not, it is a very cheap product that you can find in any grocery store with ease. So if you want a quick and easy way to tackle your annoying plantar warts, this safe and easy to use method is the right one to try.

Treating plantar warts at home is easy and worthwhile to attempt before dealing with the high costs a doctor’s office will charge for more intensive procedures. There are both all natural remedies, and those that require a little extra work but each has its uses. Both duct tape and apple cider vinegar are the most cited examples of home remedies that truly work. Most home remedies can take some time to rid you of your plantar warts but as long as your warts are not already unbearable, they are worth the attempt. Feel free to use any of the gentle and effective remedies listed to make sure your warts stay gone for good.

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