Most individuals have heard about the beneficial powers of metals in medical applications, particularly silver and zinc. Few realize just how versatile silver is in treating a wide variety of skin problems. Warts, the annoyance of all who have them, can be knocked dead when using colloidal silver to treat them properly. Topical salves and gels containing colloidal silver for warts are inexpensive and provide hundreds of uses for wart treatment. Colloidal silver is effective on warts of all kinds and sizes, and thanks to the easily obtainable nature, helps you get rid of warts quickly.

How to remove warts with colloidal silver

Colloidal silver 30 ppmUsing colloidal silver on warts is a very easy process. For those familiar with other topical wart remedies it is utilized in the same general way. While colloidal silver can, and often is used as a dietary supplement, topically applied colloidal silver will work the fastest on warts.

Before beginning wart treatment there are a few things to keep in mind which are listed below:

  • Try to buy topical use colloidal silver.
  • Do not use excessive amounts.
  • Always perform an allergy test before treating warts.
Colloidal silver will cause an allergic reaction in people allergic to silver. It is important to ensure you have no allergies to the product or any of the components of its salve and gel forms. Test a small area of your skin for 24 hours before using on your warts just to be safe. Never ingest colloidal silver unless you are sure of lack of allergy.

Generally, treating warts with colloidal silver is quite simple and is a short, three-step process:

  1. Colloidal silver gelStep One: Purchase topical use salve, spray or gel form of colloidal silver. However, if these are unable to be located, the dietary supplement liquid form can work just as well.
  2. Cotton ballsStep Two: Apply the liquid to your wart with a dropper or cotton ball. Unlike other wart treatments, bandages are unneeded. If you opt to use one, the bandage does not require daily replacement and can be left on for up to a week at which point you can check the results.
  3. Week clockStep Three: After the daily application for a week you should notice some results. In some cases, warts are killed within a week while others may require more time. Continue to use as long as it is having a positive effect.

Is it effective for HPV warts?

HPV warts are those caused by the human papillomavirus. Generally people assume these are simply genital warts but in reality, all warts are caused by HPV. Simply put, this makes the answer to the question a definite yes. Colloidal silver is effective for HPV warts. Of course, it is important to remember that not all wart remedies will work for everyone, and you will need to see if your warts respond to this type of treatment. If they do not, realize there are many other options for wart removal.

All warts on the human body stem from HPV.

It is the antimicrobial action that makes colloidal silver for warts effective. Antimicrobial action means it fights bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Since warts all stem from a virus, this antimicrobial action helps destroy warts at the source to get rid of them quickly. Silver also helps with healing, yet another reason it is a good choice to use for this frustrating skin condition.

The benefits of liquid colloidal silver for warts

Liquid colloidal silver is the best form, particularly when it involves treating warts.

The benefits of the liquid form are numerous and include:

  • Relatively inexpensive,
  • Bottles last for a very large number of uses,
  • Easy to apply and use with or without bandages,
  • Easy to find in both grocery stores and online with Amazon,
  • Doesn’t require daily bandage changes.

While creams and gels are very effective, liquid colloidal silver offers more opportunities for other medical uses after all your warts are gone. Liquids get absorbed into the skin, heading directly to the problematic root of the wart when applied topically. Even though this is the best route, it can provide some benefit when used as a supplement as well. The best part is, colloidal silver does not burn or sting.

Another prime benefit of this type of silver is its versatility. This form allows it to be used practically everywhere on your body, with no need for duct tape or other items that can draw attention to your warts by other people.

How colloidal silver works on plantar warts

Curad Silver Antibacterial BandagesPlantar warts are often the most loathed type of wart due to the fact that they cause pain. Most warts cause no pain at all, but plantar warts frequently become an annoyance that can hurt to walk on. Colloidal silver is an outstanding plantar wart treatment because of how fast it works. Colloidal silver works on plantar warts the same way it works on other warts, by being absorbed into the skin and fighting off the virus embedded in the skin that causes warts to appear and grow.

Naturally, there are a few differences between normal warts and plantar warts that make the latter harder to treat:

  • Plantar warts are often very deep.
  • Frequently covered by a callus or thickened skin.
  • Other materials such as socks, absorb treatment liquids instead.

Despite these problems, treating plantar warts is not overly difficult. In these cases, bandaging and the usage of creams or gels prove to be the most effective routes to take. Sometimes getting through the hard, callused skin may be half the battle but there are options that can help.

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As long as you enable the silver to stay in contact with the wart on a consistent basis, you should start seeing results within seven days or sooner. Try using the silver-containing bandages pictured above to double up on your treatment. Plantar warts are not really special besides being potentially painful and more frustrating to treat. Regardless, colloidal silver is an ideal treatment option for this problem.

Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is one of many remedies wart sufferers can use from the comfort of their homes. When compared with other options, colloidal silver doesn’t require the hassles of daily bandage changing, or draw attention to embarrassing placements of duct tape. With its antiviral properties, it is a truly effective option for destroying HPV warts as quickly as possible. Plantar warts don’t stand a chance against colloidal silver as long as it can be absorbed into the source of warts. If other remedies have failed, consider colloidal silver before attempting more expensive and painful treatments.

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