Warts on lips are affecting just one of the many locations on your body that warts can show up. When these things happen suddenly, there is understandable concern about the origin of the warts and what that means for you. The most important thing to remember is that healthwise, warts on your lips or elsewhere are harmless. Secondly, treatment is readily available to mitigate the frustrations of this condition and ultimately destroy or remove your warts. The best way to understand how to deal with warts on lips is through education and we have provided this information for you here.

Lip warts: What are they?

Warts on your lipsLips warts are the result of an infection with the human papillomavirus, commonly abbreviated as HPV. Lip warts may seem a world apart from the more horrifying stories of genital warts, but truthfully they are not really all that different. What warts are not is, painful and dangerous. Far too many people confuse herpes with warts when they appear around the lips. This is incorrect as they are quite different entirely and the only thing they have in common are being viral in nature as well as how they are spread.

Lip warts, and all other warts stem from a viral infection with HPV. Just as there are multiple different strains of the flu, HPV is the same with strains favoring certain parts of the body over others. Warts around or on the lips can just be part of the more common strains that favor the face, neck and hands or have another source. While unsightly, they are nothing to cause worry about and will not harm you in any way.

How do you get genital warts on lips?

The lips are the only place on the face that genital warts can spread to, all other upper body options are internal such as the throat. Read more about warts in throat by following this link. You can get genital warts on your lips by oral contact with infected skin of a person who also has genital warts.

Warts on the inner part of lips need a doctor’s care.

Additionally, using a washcloth that came in contact with genital wart infected skin previously on your lips can be another source of spread.

Other modes of infection include:

  • Using a razor on your face that touched genital wart infected skin.
  • Kissing the genitals of someone infected.
  • Rubbing the genitals of someone infected and then rubbing your lips.

As mentioned before, strains of HPV are specific in the types of skin they infect. Genital warts are specific to mucous membranes.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

The lips present a unique situation because the outside of the lips are normal skin and the inside are mucous membranes, thus allowing genital warts to infect them. Warts anywhere inside the mouth are therefore most likely to be obtained from genital warts strains as the mouth is all mucous membranes and represent the same favorable area as genital warts. Warts on the outside of lips can either be the result of normal common warts or genital warts. For more in-depth information on warts in mouth, check out this article.

Why do I have HPV warts on my lips?

Remember that not all warts on lips are the result of genital warts spreading to them. The lips are primarily normal skin on the outside of the face and therefore could be the result of common, non-genital wart strains. These warts are the same type that appear on your hands, neck and elsewhere on your face. You can get this more common wart type from skin to skin contact with any other warts or wart covered areas of your own body or the body of other people. Kissing is a common way to spread HPV warts from one person to another.

If you have warts already present on your hands you can spread them to your own face and lips. While this is not usually as common, it is certainly possible as the warts are of the same type. All the usual spreading factors remain the same, including sharing washcloths and razors. If something has had significant or vigorous contact with warty skin and then rubs your face, the opportunity to spread to your lips is there.

Tips to get rid of lip warts

OTC creamIn order to properly treat lip warts you need to make sure you are dealing with self-treatable warts. With self-treatment it is very important that you only attempt on warts that are on the outside of your lips, and never on the inside of lips and mouth. Almost all wart medication is topical and must not be ingested or placed anywhere within your mouth. If you have warts that appear on the cheeks or the tongue in addition to the lips, seek a doctor’s care. To discover why warts on tongue are different, follow this link.

The most useful tip is to utilize home remedies as they are gentle solutions to lip wart problems. Placing crushed garlic against your lips, or coating your lip wart in apple cider vinegar three times a day can help defeat the active virus in the wart and cause the wart to die off.

Other tips to reduce spread and make your time having warts as short as possible include:

  • Use disposable wipes when cleaning and drying face to prevent reinfections.
  • Never re-use a razor on the facial area.
  • If using creams, make applying wart cream part of your daily hygiene routines, so you miss no treatments.

Best way to remove my lip warts

Terrasil 14 gWhile not instant, the best way to remove your lip warts is to utilize a topical cream. Depending on the type of cream you end up using you can see results in as little as a single week. Treatment in a topical cream form is the ideal choice because it does not result in scarring the way that other treatments can. Another reason is the ease of use and the relatively cheap cost when compared with other lip wart removal options you might find at a doctor. The type of cream matters however, so care should be taken.

Salicylic acid is the most famous wart treatment around, utilized by both doctors and available anywhere medications are sold. Salicylic acid however is generally not good for lip treatment. Reading the back of the box on 99% of over the counter wart creams will reveal a warning stating do not use on lips. As mentioned before, the lips are mucous membranes and therefore extremely sensitive and thin. Salicylic acid removes warts by removing the wart skin layer by layer. On normal skin elsewhere this works great, but on the lips even a tiny amount that misses the wart can lead to heavy irritation, flaking and bleeding due to the super thin skin being destroyed.

Treatment tip
Remember to read the warnings on the back of all wart medications before purchase. Many are not safe or approved for use on the lips and can cause pain or irritation. Some all natural remedies utilize essential oils that can also irritate skin if you prove to be allergic. Stop use of any product if a reaction develops.

Beyond irritation, all the damage strong acids due to the skin just make it really easy for the virus to spread and create more warts as broken skin is the best place for it to take route. This doesn’t mean salicylic acid can never be used. If using a salicylic acid treatment on lips, be sure to only apply it to the wart and not let any leak off onto surrounding skin. Additionally you can look for weaker formulations that won’t do as much damage.

I need treatment for warts on lips

So you’ve confirmed you are indeed suffering from warts on your lips, now what? The next step is deciding how to treat your warts. Lip warts limit treatment options due to sensitive nature of the skin where they are located.

Still doctors have a variety of ways to deal with them such as:

GarlicStarting off at home is both the cheapest and easiest option. Try taking advantage of easy to find and apply remedies like banana peels or garlic. If those have proven to be unsuccessful the next step is to try purchasing products over the counter to treat warts. Luckily, most of these options are extremely inexpensive and those that are priced higher are still several times cheaper than the cost of a doctor’s wart treatment.

Top 3 products to use

When searching for a lip wart removal option, all natural products are the best choice. These will automatically exclude harsh chemicals such as salicylic acid and are generally far more effective as choices.

We have included several here for you to help:

  1. Terrasil Wart Removal
    Price: $24
    Where to buy: Walgreens, Amazon.com
    Benefits: All-natural, painless and chemical free formulation. Safe for the face and lips because it does not contain irritating salicylic acid.
    Please see detailed descriptions here.
    Terrasil wart removal ointment
  2. H-Warts Formula
    H-Warts Formula HomeopaticCost: $32
    Where to buy: Amazon.com, Amoils.com
    Benefits: All-natural essential oil and thuja ociddentalis based medicine. No burns, no acids, safe for lips.
    For more information click here.
  3. Forces of Nature Wart Control
    Cost: $27
    Where to buy: Amazon.com
    Benefits: All natural wart treatment that won’t burn. Certified organic and FDA registered. Heals skin while destroying the wart.
    Wart Control by Forces of Nature

Lip warts are embarrassing and it is understandable to want them gone as fast as possible. They are harmless but extremely contagious in addition to their bothersome presence. While treatment options for the lips are far less available than for other parts of the body, there are more than enough ways to handle wart removal. Warts on lips do not need to be a lifetime affliction and by utilizing our tips you can help make your time with warts a short one.

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