When treatment after treatment fails and hope is all but lost, those who suffer from persistent or grotesque moles can turn to an unlikely hero for assistance: garlic.

The bulbous root of the plant is a potent flavoring tool in the kitchen that is already known to fight off cardiovascular disease, but not all of the super ingredient’s powers require that you put it in your stomach. Humans have been using garlic in medicine throughout recorded history, but we are still just beginning to learn more about the secrets behind how treatments produced from garlic can wipe away moles of any shape or size from your skin.

Clarify Your Skin with the Help of Garlic

If you want to skip right ahead to instructions on how to use your garlic mole removal remedy, just scroll down to the “Using Your Garlic Remedies” section!

How Does Garlic Skin Cleansing Work?

Garlic for cleansingMost of us should be familiar with the taste of cooked garlic given its prolific use in cuisines across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The unmistakably vivid flavor contains a touch of spice and has a way of clinging to your palate through the next meal or two, but it is a shadow of the tingling burn that raw garlic can inflict. Those who cook regularly may be familiar with the fiery agony that can blind you when garlic oils find their way into your eyes or an open cut.

A garlic-based skin cleansing treatment makes use of the same chemicals that cause garlic to have that overbearing smell and taste. When damaged, the garlic bulb releases an enzyme that causes a highly reactive chemical known as allicin to form. Allicin acts as a deterrent against herbivores by inflicting pain on the plant’s predators, killing many microbial creatures outright. The unstable compound quickly breaks down into a variety of substances with similar, if weaker, properties.

Allicin is the origin of garlic’s mole removing capabilities.

When used as a topical application to a mole, the allicin molecules break down the organic material of the mole over time, eventually leaving nothing behind but a feeling of joy at your skin returning to the way its supposed to be.

Garlic Remedies for Mole Removal

Garlic is available as raw bulbs of cloves, distilled essential oils, granulated powder, or gel-like macerations.

  • Raw Crushed Garlic
    Yes, you can use a raw piece of garlic, but it is the most unwieldy incarnation for mole removal. Each clove can have a different concentration of allicin, the preparation for treatments takes longer and involves more mess, and the solids can be difficult to use in an overnight application.
    Unless you have no other choice, try to use a processed product.
  • Granulated garlicGarlic Powder
    Granulated garlic powder is made by drying out and processing cloves until they turn into a sand-like consistency. The drying process leeches out and wastes more of the active elements from the garlic than other methods, making it the weakest source of mole removing power.
    The kind you’d find in the spice aisle technically counts, but higher quality blends intended for medicinal use are preferred.
  • Garlic OilGarlic Essential Oil
    One small jar of garlic essential oil contains enough concentrated mole-removal energy to wipe out an entire horde of stubborn moles. To make the essential oil, cloves of raw garlic are placed in a steam bath that sends plumes of hot vapor through the plant. The medicinal quality substance should not be mistaken for garlic flavored oils that you find in the grocery store. Just half an ounce can cost over $5, but it is unlikely that you’ll need even close to that much for your mole removal.
    Because of the high concentration of active compounds inside of the oil, care should be taken when using it – even if you decide to try it out in the kitchen first! When trying to remove a mole, use a dropper to take a single drop and add it to a cup of water. You may need to adjust this ratio as outlined in the “Using Your Garlic Remedies” subsection.
  • Macerated Garlic
    Garlic that is left to break down in oil over time will eventually turn into a jellied substance known as macerated garlic that contains moderate to high levels of allicin-based compounds. Macerated garlic is sold in the form of capsules that usually contain 1000 milligrams of macerate each and around 3000 micrograms of allicin compounds.
    To prepare the capsules for topical application, use a fork to mash them into two tablespoons of water until they combine to form an easy-to-use paste.
Essential oils and macerated capsules are the best at mole removal.

How to Get Rid of Moles with Garlic

Mole on skinWhether you’re using a whole crushed clove of garlic or a more refined mole removal blend, the typical course of treatment is to apply the garlic to the site of the mole overnight for two to four nights in a row. In the case of oils, the liquids can be soaked into a bandage that is placed on the mole or applied directly to the skin using a cotton swab. Pastes can be rubbed into a thin layer around the mole before being covered with a bandage.

Every garlic product comes with a different concentration of active compounds that gives them varying strengths for mole removal. This also makes them impact your healthy skin differently, so what might be a safe level for one brand could cause damage to your skin if left on overnight.

BandageBefore laying down with any extended application garlic product on you, break down a half-hour time block into 5-minute increments after applying the garlic. In the same light source and with the same camera each time, take a picture at each time increment so you can do a side-by-side comparison of skin redness in the surrounding area. You should also note the intensity and duration of any pain, tingling, or other sensations that you feel.

Cease the treatment immediately if you notice pain, an overwhelming burning sensation, excessive redness, or other signs of skin damage beyond the mole.
If you notice skin damage or experience pain, immediately clean your skin thoroughly and discard the previous mixture; You don’t want to use a mixture that is too strong for an overnight treatment. In a new container, create a dilution that is half as strong, and try again. Once the short test is completed successfully, you can use the blend for an overnight treatment.

Extra Uses for Your Extra Garlic

Since garlic is so good at removing moles, you’ll likely be left with extra after your treatment. Here are a couple ideas for ways to use up your stock.

  • How to cleansing acneAcne Cleansing
    In the same way that garlic sheds moles from your skin, the wonder substance can take on stubborn, persistent, and aggravating acne. Use smaller and more careful applications than you would in other areas, and consider other treatments first.
  • Cooking
    Add a drop of essential oil to a pot of stew, throw a gel cap into a sauce, or sprinkle the powder onto the meat. Now you can quickly spice up a meal with garlicky goodness without having to chop up a clove yourself.
  • Nutritional Supplement
    Macerated gel capsules are typically sold as a nutritional supplement more than any other purpose, so you can feel free to use your leftovers to help keep your heart healthy for a few extra years.

End Your Skin’s Oppression Today

Garlic-based removal is an inexpensive and effective way for anyone to quickly remove unsightly moles. Instead of continuing to exist with a mole that saps away at your soul, give Mother Nature a chance to try her remedy.

The powerful compounds born from allicin are available in a selection of forms to suit your preference, all at a price that is far below that of surgical operations that can leave behind ugly scars.

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