The presence of moles on the skin can be, in the best case scenario, an unsightly nuisance. Removal by conventional methods is not only costly but can also take a lot of time. It can also be ineffective and leave visible scarring.

While the opinion of a dermatologist should always be sought before any lumps or marks on the skin are treated or removed, dermatologist’s removal methods are not the only ones available.

With well-known, extensively studied, and wide-ranging medicinal uses, bloodroot is a natural alternative to freezing or surgically removing skin tags, moles, and warts. It is a topical treatment that can be self-administered at home, at a fraction of the cost of conventional treatments.

What is Bloodroot

BloodrootBloodroot is a perennial flowering herb that has been used for its healing properties by the natives of North America for many years. Known as Sanguinaria Canadensis in Latin, it is also locally called blood wart, pauson, tetterwort, and red puccoon root.

Every part of the bloodroot herb can be harvested for the sap; however, you need to take care when dealing with the plant as the alkaloids contained in the sap are poisonous if ingested in anything other than very small amounts.

Bloodroot and bloodroot-containing products are most commonly used as topical agents for reducing the symptoms of a wide number of skin conditions, as well as agents for removing moles, warts, and skin tags.

IMPORTANT: Always check that the product you are buying contains natural Sanguinaria Canadensis. Other plants are often called bloodroot, but won’t have the same properties.

How to Remove Moles Using Bloodroot

Bloodroot can be purchased in a number of guises, including salves and pastes, and bloodroot salve for moles is the easiest way to treat and remove the moles.

Whether you are using a salve or a paste made from bloodroot, it is important to ensure that it only comes in contact with the area you are trying to remove. If it comes in contact with the skin around it, there is a risk of the affected healthy skin becoming red and inflamed and, potentially, scaring.

  • Cover the mole you are trying to remove with the bloodroot paste.
  • Place a plaster or dressing over the paste-covered area, to ensure that your clothing does not get stained and that the treated area is kept clean.
  • The mole then simply shrivels and drops off. The amount of time this takes may depend on the paste that you are using; make sure you always carefully follow the instructions on the specific bloodroot product in use.
  • Initially, a hole may appear in the skin, and the area may become red and sore. However, this calms down after a few days, and the area heals itself with little or no scarring.
  • Where scarring is visible, it has been known to disappear altogether with the use of Vitamin E oil or cream.
WARNING: Keep the bloodroot paste away from natural skin as it can cause irritation and a burning sensation. However, it does not harm natural skin cells, so there is no long term damage.

How to Make Bloodroot Paste at Home

When made into a paste or salve, bloodroot is often also referred to as black salve. It is possible to make this salve at home with a few ingredients and a little time. If you are considering doing this, it is important to source your ingredients carefully and to get only natural bloodroot.

Follow the bloodroot paste recipe carefully and measure everything out exactly:

  • 1/2 cup powdered Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis).
  • 1/2 cup Zinc Chloride, liquid or crystals.
  • 1/2 cup common white flour.
  • 1 1/2 cup warm water.
  • 100 ml Chaparral extract, or 100 g of powdered Chaparral (Larrea Mexicana).

You will also need the following equipment:

  • Mixing bowl,
  • Stainless steel double boiler,
  • Wooden spoon.

Mix together the bloodroot, zinc chloride, flour, and chaparral extract. Ensure that they are thoroughly mixed together. Next, pour the water into the boiler, and stir in the other ingredients using the wooden spoon. The mixture needs to be cooked, over boiling water for 30 minutes and needs to be constantly stirred. After 30 minutes, let the mixture cool. Once cooled, the bloodroot paste mole removal remedy is ready to use.

Bloodroot is easily sourced in a dose to suit your needs!

Buying the Right Bloodroot Product and Where to Buy

If this all sounds complicated, or you don’t have access to the equipment you need, then you are in luck. Bloodroot mole removal pastes are available to buy. However, it is important to buy the correct remedy. Bloodroot is available in a number of different forms from bloodroot tea to bloodroot cream, but each has its own very specific uses.

So, with that in mind, where to buy bloodroot paste has to be the next consideration:

  1. Herb Healers Bloodroot PasteHerb Healers Bloodroot Paste
    Cost: $9.95 for 22g
    Where to purchase:
    How to use: Apply to the affected area, ensure it is well covered. Cover with a bandage or plaster. Repeat the process every two days until the mole has receded to the same level as the surrounding skin.
    Safety: If a scab or ‘eschar’ forms, discontinue use of the product immediately and let the scab heal naturally. Avoid getting the mixture on surrounding skin.
  2. Bloodroot Drawing BalmBloodroot Drawing Balm / Cream
    Cost: $30.87 for 15g
    Where to purchase:
    How it works: This product states that it attacks unhealthy cells and is non-reactive with healthy cells.
    How to use: Apply to the affected area, wait for a reaction. Can be applied a second time; if there is no reaction, then there are no unhealthy cells left.
  3. Zenith Herbal Bloodroot Skin SalveZenith Herbal Bloodroot Skin Salve
    Cost: $30.80 for 20ml
    Where to purchase:
    How to use: No application details are given, but are included with the product on delivery.
  4. Bloodroot Paste Black SalveBloodroot Paste Black Salve
    Cost: $29.95 for 1 oz. (normal price $59.95)
    Where to purchase:
    How it works: This bloodroot paste does not damage normal skin cells but destroys abnormal skin cells such as moles, warts, tags, and cysts. The product also works on pets.
    How to use: First, make sure the area to be treated is clean and dry. Using the applicator that is included with the product, apply a small amount of paste directly to the specific area that is to be treated. Cover with a suitable dressing and keep covered for between 12 and 24 hours. After the specified period, clean the area and place a clean dressing over it. Changes to the area can be seen within 48 hours, but it may take up to ten days for the full desired effect to take place. After this time, the treatment can be repeated if necessary.
    Safety: Keep the salve away from unaffected areas. It is not advised for use on the face. If there is any burning or irritation on unaffected areas, discontinue the use immediately. If symptoms get worse, make sure to seek medical advice promptly. Do not pick or scratch the area that is being treated.

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