Skin moles, medically termed “nevus, ” are skin growths caused primarily by an imbalanced concentration of natural skin pigmentation (melanin) in one spot on your skin. This results in a brown to black colored mark that can grow in diameter and height over time.

It’s normal to have some moles. In fact, most adults have anywhere from 10 to 40 somewhere on their body. And most moles are not harmful, though a small percentage of moles are diagnostic of melanoma.

Nonetheless, people are often interested in learning how to get rid of skin moles because they are physically bothersome, painful, or just don’t look good. When a mole is located on a highly visible part of your face, it’s a good candidate for removal. Below, we will look at the various ways of ridding yourself of those pesky skin moles!

Causes of Moles on the Skin

When melanocyte cells, which are responsible for producing skin pigmentation, cluster up in one small area instead of spreading themselves out evenly across the surface of your skin, it results in a dark colored mole.

But when does this happen?

There are several possible causes, including:

  • Genetics. Sometimes, moles and freckles run in the family and there’s nothing you can do to prevent them.
  • Growing pains. Changes in hormones and the normal processes of growing up often lead to moles. Most moles appear in childhood, and relatively few develop after age 25.
  • Sun exposure. Environmental factors, especially excessive sun exposure without protection by sunscreen can produce skin moles. Too much sun can also lead to freckles and “sunspots.”
  • Pregnancy. Many times, skin moles first appear or grow larger during pregnancy.
  • Cancer. Though rare, some moles are symptomatic of underlying cancer, usually melanoma.

About melanoma

Sometimes, skin moles gradually disappear on their own, so you don’t need to do anything to get rid of them. But other times, they not only stay but increase in size, darken in color, and eventually become a big nuisance. Thus, it’s not surprising that skin mole eradication products and techniques abound.

How to Get Rid of Skin Moles

There are numerous ways you can get rid of skin moles. The exact method you choose will depend on the type and severity of mole, the location of the mole, on how quickly you demand results, and on how much you are willing to spend in the endeavor.

There are many non-surgical ways to remove skin moles.

But before you try any of these mole removal methods, first be sure it really is a mole! Find out more on how to identify different types of skin growths.

Skin tags are very similar to moles but require a different approach. If you think you may have skin tags, follow the provided link to learn all about skin tag removal.


If you are keen on always doing everything the natural way, there’s no reason you can’t extend that principle into the way you deal with skin moles.

Home remedies of mole treatment

There are numerous all-natural remedies, including these ones:

  • Garlic. Apply crushed garlic to the mole and then cover it with a band-aid for 4 or more hours a day. The enzymes in the garlic can break up the cell clusters that are causing the mole. For more information, click here.
  • Oil of oregano. Dilute oregano essential oil with another oil, like castor oil, so it won’t burn your skin. But applied daily, this oil can remove moles over several weeks’ time.
  • Tea tree oil. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of TTO can work their magic on your moles and make them fall off. But take care since this essential oil is very powerful and is harmful if swallowed.
  • Frankincense oil. Frankincense oil will absorb the oil and moisture in the mole until it dries up and falls off of your skin.
  • Flaxseed oil. It can help heal cuts and remove dark spots on the skin. Some studies have shown it also has the power to eradicate skin moles.
  • Banana peels. Don’t throw that banana peel away! It could be just the medicine you’ve been looking for. The acids in banana peels have been known to destroy moles, while the moisturizing effect of these peels will protect the surrounding skin.
  • Lemon juice. Lemon juice won’t normally eliminate a mole, but it will fade it till it’s harder to see. And potatoes applied to skin moles have much the same effect.
  • Coconut oil. No one claims that coconut oil gets rid of moles, but many have said that applied consistently, coconut oil will shrink moles to a smaller size.


There really is no guaranteed way to remove your mole in less than 24 hours, but on the other hand, there are many online testimonials of many who have accomplished just that.

Here are a few of the methods most likely to leave you free of your mole when you wake up in the morning:

  • Hydrogen peroxide. A good dose of peroxide dabbed on with a cotton ball can dry up a mole fast. It might take only one night, though it could take longer, depending on the size and stubbornness level of your mole.
    Hydrogen peroxide for mole removal
  • Aloe vera. If you have an aloe vera plant handy at home, slice off a piece and absolutely engulf your mole with it. Put a bandage over the mole and wash off the area in the morning. Your mole just might wash off with the aloe!
    Pure aloe vera for a face mole
  • Apple cider vinegar. The malic and tartaric acid present in a bottle of apple cider vinegar will wage an effective war on your moles. It’s not uncommon for smaller moles to be finished after only one night’s battle with this superhero mole remover. Read more on ACV here.
    Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Remove Moles

In a Fast Way

If you are intent on eliminating your moles quickly, though not necessarily insisting on it being overnight so you’re ready for the prom in the morning, then here are some additional ideas for ridding your skin of its moles.

  1. Try applying honey to the mole several times a day. The ant-oxidants in honey have been known to make short work of moles, often eliminating them within three days.
  2. Buy over-the-counter mole removal creams. Some of them can work very fast, making the mole scab up within a day. Once the scab falls off – no more mole. Read more here.
  3. Have the mole surgically removed. Many moles can be shaved off in only a few minutes’ time, and the wound will be cauterized and likely heal within a matter of days. Only flat moles and those with deeper roots will need to undergo excision and stitches to get them professionally removed.

A dermatologist removes moles - 4 steps

Getting Rid of Skin Moles Without Surgery

Most of the mole removal methods already mentioned above count as ways to get rid of moles absent surgical intervention, but here, we want to focus a little more on a particular non-surgical approach: mole removal creams.

Is it safe to remove moles non-surgically?
Some may wonder if it’s even safe to use an at-home cream or a DIY mole removal remedy. Now, don’t try just cutting a mole off with a razor or knife! And if any method causes pain or adverse side effects, stop it immediately. But yes, there are many safe ways to remove moles short of undergoing surgery.

It’s possible to get stronger creams prescribed to you by a dermatologist, but most of them can be taken over the counter.

There are two basic kinds of creams to look for:

  1. lightening creams,
  2. peeling creams.

Popular brand - DermaTendThe majority of mole removal creams merely lighten your moles until they are no longer visible. Of course, it depends on the mole. A flat mole could completely disappear in this way, but a raised one would still have a visible bump even if it’s turned skin color.

Read the label carefully if you want a cream that actually makes the mole peel off because most of them don’t. The ones that do will work over the course of several weeks, and you’ll see layer after layer peel away beginning within the first day or two of usage.

If you’ve tried creams and other non-surgical methods repeatedly and nothing is working, it may be time to consider mole removal surgery. But since it costs from $100 to $500 per mole, most people tend to leave surgery as a last resort option.

Effective Ways to Remove Moles on Your Skin at Home

What we’ll say below applies to all areas of your skin where moles may be found, but if you want more information specifically on how to get rid of moles on your face, you’ll find it on the other end of the provided link!

For effective ways consider 7 more at-home mole removal options:

  1. A baking soda and castor oil mix. Baking soda can gradually dry out the mole until it falls off, while castor oil helps protect your skin during the process.
  2. Iodine. Mix a little iodine in with some water. Apply it to the mole to make it flake off. But also use petroleum jelly around the mole to guard your skin from iodine burns.
  3. Black salve ointment. Black salve ointment is commonly used on moles and other skin growths and discolorations. It’s from the bloodroot herb and is very potent. Apply a dab directly to the mole, then cover it with a band-aid. Change the band-aid every 12 hours till the moles have vanished.
  4. Turmeric. Crush a vitamin C tablet, add a teaspoon or so of turmeric, and then squirt in a little honey to make the mixture stick together and for the honey’s antimicrobial effects. Apply the paste to your moles and wash off after 20 minutes. After a few days, vitamin C should disintegrate the moles, while the turmeric reduces the chances of scarring.
  5. Dandelion root. Turn those dandelions in your front yard from a weed to an herbal medicine! Dig up a plant and extract the juice from its root. Rub the milky liquid into your mole and wash it off after around an hour. It’s quite effective, and it’s 100% free.
  6. Onion juice. Whip up a slice of onion in a blender and then squeeze it to extract the juice. Rub it on your mole, but only leave it on for an hour since it can be very powerful. You can also just buy ready-made onion juice at the grocery store.
  7. Pineapple. Slice a small piece of fresh pineapple and rub it over your mole till the mole is covered in pineapple juice. Keep up the rubbing for a few minutes straight. The pineapple’s natural citric acid will dissolve your mole.

A word of warning: don’t remove moles that could potentially be indicative of melanoma. If you see a mole with very irregular shape, a size larger than a quarter inch across, or that changes size, shape, or color rapidly – it’s best to see a dermatologist and have the mole tested before attempting any kind of removal.

6 Best Tips You Have to Follow

We’ve covered a lot of different ways to get rid of skin moles, and we haven’t even listed half of all the ideas and allegedly successful approaches that are out there. At this point, you may be asking, “Which mole removal methods are the best?”

Any selection of winners is bound to be a little subjective and a bit controversial, but we feel that the following 6 tips are the most important ones to try in your quest to be mole-free:

Top 6 Best Tips to Get Rid of Moles

  1. Garlic. While you don’t want to “overdose, ” few things will burn away moles as fast and effectively as a simple piece of crushed garlic.
  2. Essential oils. There are numerous essential oils that work well when put on mole removal duty. You can hem and haw over whether to choose oregano oil, tea tree oil, frankincense oil, or something else. But they all work about as well, and most are available at a local health store.
  3. Apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is extremely versatile in its health and wellness applications. Why not use that bottle you already have at home to get rid of moles?
  4. Mole removal creams. Find a cream that will flake off the mole and not just hide it by changing its color. That said, mole removal creams are inexpensive, readily available, and get good results.
  5. Iodine. Be careful not to use too much, but iodine will eat away at mole material faster than almost anything else – so it’s a great choice.
  6. Pineapple slices. This is my personal favorite, so I included it. It’s humorously effective to sit down watching TV while rubbing my face with a piece of pineapple.

Moles aren’t usually a problem medically, but they can be a huge aesthetic nuisance, and in severe cases, they can disfigure the look of your whole face. Understanding what causes skin moles and what can destroy them is essential information if you plan on getting rid of them.

Don’t be afraid to try more than one method. Many of them are inexpensive or even free, so if one approach fails to get satisfactory results, just experiment until you find what works best for you.

You can find further details of Mole removal methods here.