Warts located in the genital area can cause intense itching, which can prove irritating to sufferers. Some individuals may believe that as long as the warts exist, they must endure the itching without hope of relief. This is not the case as in fact there are many treatment options to help you control the itchiness of a rash caused by genital warts. Once you have confirmed genital warts or the accompanying rash as the source of your itching, relief is often just a trip to the drug store or online purchase from Amazon away.

What are the causes of genital rash?

Rashes and genital warts often go hand in hand, and thus are typically what prompts bothersome itching. If you are itchy around your genital warts then chances are it is due to a rash. Genital rashes caused by sexually transmitted infections are a primary cause of worry. Other problems such as ringworm-like fungal infections can also cause some serious rashes that are extremely itchy. Pubic lice, often called crabs, can be a major source of uncomfortable rash as well.

So what exactly are the causes of genital rash?

  • Allergic reactions,
  • Jock itch,
  • Lice,
  • Scabies,
  • Herpes,
  • Syphilis,
  • Human papillomavirus, also known as HPV,
  • Genital Warts,
  • Sweat,
  • Friction.

Examples of where anal warts can develop

Examples of where anal warts can develop

Not all genital rashes are caused by viruses or fungal infections. Some types of genital rash have a harmless origin and are simply due to you wearing pants or underwear too tightly. Others can be due to irritation from shaving or even sweating from clothing that is not breathable enough.

Friction and chafing can also cause rashes in the genital area. All of those types of rashes respond the best to rash and anti-itch creams. Even itchy rashes caused by scabies will respond to anti-itch creams, although it will not cure the problem. To keep a genital rash from coming back, you must be sure to correct the underlying cause.

If you believe you may be suffering from a sexually transmitted disease or infection, seek a doctor’s advice and care immediately.

Why do genital warts cause itch and irritation?

One of the main reasons genital warts may cause itching and irritation is due to the underlying infection that may have caused them. If they are related to a sexually transmitted disease, your body’s fight against the disease may cause itching.

Genital warts that are being irritated by the rubbing of clothing, or are already inflamed may also itch due to the constant healing process taking place. Just as scars tend to itch as they heal, warts are the same especially if they have been bleeding or opened by vigorous scratching recently. Rapid changes in your skin from outbreaks or difficulty keeping areas clustered with warts clean can also contribute to itching. More detailed information on genital wart outbreaks can be found here.

Itchiness of genital warts is common but treatable.

Do genital warts caused by HPV itch?

Warts caused by the human papillomavirus, or HPV for short, are known to be itchy and occasionally painful. The reason for the itching is the hpv infection itself. Remember as HPV is a virus, your body is attempting to fight the infection on a constant basis. Warts caused by HPV tend to itch most during their growth, which lasts around 6 months.

Sadly, scratching genital warts often only makes the itching worse, as they may become irritated further and in addition you can spread them. To learn more about genital wart tranmission, read this article. An itchy skin rash caused by HPV can happen before, or during the appearance of genital warts. The frustrating itch can be treated with creams we will learn about below.

Don't scratch that itchWarning
Always thoroughly wash your hands after touching or scratching areas covered with genital warts. Any genital wart caused by an STD is highly contagious, and can be easily spread to other parts of your own body or the bodies of others.

Treatment options for an itchy genital rash

Although it may seem that the warts themselves directly itch, often it is the skin surrounding the warts that are the source of the itchiness. This irritated skin is rashy from the growths, irritation and infection, thus it is the skin itself that should be treated for itchiness. Leave removal of the warts to your doctor, but feel free to use creams to treat the symptoms of itch you may be experiencing.

While the cause of rash and itch can come from countless sources, the body’s itch-causing response is the same, thus many itch treatment products for other parts of the body work just as well on genital rash and itch.

To immediately bring relief to your itch, try out some of these useful treatments below:

  1. Cortizone 10 Maximum Strength Anti-Itch CreamCortizone 10 Maximum Strength Anti-Itch Cream
    Cost: $15 for a 2-pack.
    Benefits: Offers multi-symptom relief for a low price, along with aloe to speed healing to irritated or damaged skin areas. Number one medicine for relief of itchiness as recommended by doctors.
    Works for: Skin irritation and rashes in the genital area as well as inflammation and redness.
    Where to find: Amazon, Wal-mart, Target, Walgreens or most drugstores.
  2. Calmoseptine Ointment
    Cost: $7.
    Benefits: Promotes healing and reduces pain as well as itchiness. Contains menthol for cooling relief.
    Works best for: All external rashes that are either itchy or painful.
    Where to find: Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens.
    Calmoseptine Ointment
  3. Emu Joy Banish My Rash creamEmu Joy Banish My Rash cream

    Cost: $24.

    Benefits: Free of all steroids and synthetic ingredients, 100% organic and natural. Stops itchiness and irritation of rashy skin quickly. Penetrates deeply into skin to deliver relief that lasts much longer than other over the counter remedies.

    Works best for: Reddened or inflamed and itchy skin. Dry skin in the rashy area.

    Where to find: Amazon.

    Many cortisteroid based creams are effective at relieving itch.
  4. Seagate Stop Rash Topical SpraySeagate Stop Rash Topical Spray
    Cost: $10.
    Benefits: All natural rash treatment. Provides itch relief immediately on contact. Fights inflammation and protects against bacteria. Easy to apply, will not stain clothes and is not messy like most creams.
    Works best for: All skin rashes, itchy skin, painful burning or inflammation associated with warts and sores.
    Where to find: Amazon.

Itching is a very common symptom associated with genital warts. The itchiness of the skin is primarily associated with a rash that may occur around the warts themselves. Tight clothing, poor hygiene of wart area due to clustering or other irritation may increase the itching and the accompanying rash. While you should always seek a doctor’s care for treatment and removal of genital warts, the itching and rash can effectively be treated by any of the products listed above.

The most important thing you can do to keep a genital rash or itching at bay is to determine the root cause of the problem and treat it. Not all genital warts itch, but those that do are more likely to be related to a serious cause.

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