Warts that appear around your genitals or anus can be quite painful. They may also be prone to irritation and bleeding when disturbed by friction or pressure. Whether you are planning on wart removal in the future or not, you do not need to suffer from the pain in the meantime. You can soothe the pain quickly and easily through a variety of over the counter products that can give you the pain relief you need to resume your normal activities without discomfort.

Are genital warts painful to the touch?

Genital warts can certainly be painful, though not in all cases. They are rarely painful just to being touched unless they are open and bleeding. The chances of experiencing pain increase if the warts are in a position that subjects them to pressure, or friction from rubbing clothes. Genital warts can also hurt during their growing period which generally lasts around six months.

Many warts remain painless the entire time you have them. A single genital wart is less likely to hurt than a cluster of them as there is more opportunity for irritation. Warts that are raised are more likely to be painful as flat warts for the same reason, catching on clothing or your own scratching can cause pain and bleeding.

How do I reduce the chance of pain? There are a few things you can do to reduce the likelihood of genital warts being painful.

Your main options are:

  • Use OTC creams or medications to numb wart pain. The best options are listed further down in the article.
  • Avoid tight-fighting clothing and underwear.
  • Avoid scratching warts at all cost.
Over-the-counter wart removal products do not work on genital warts and will likely make the situation worse than before in addition to increasing painfulness. Use OTC products only to relieve pain, irritation and itching, consult your doctor to discuss removal options.

When do the symptoms start?

360,000 peoples in the U.S get genital warts each yearThe symptoms of genital warts are usually simply the visible warts on the body. If you’re curious to know how long does it take for genital warts to appear, see the following article. Symptoms such as itching, burning and genital wart bleeding may never start at all, start immediately when warts appear, or begin when warts become irritated.

You may have genital warts and never see them because they are located internally.

Female internal genital warts can be located:

  • Inside the vagina,
  • On or inside the cervix,
  • Inside the anus,
  • Inside the urethra.

Male internal genital warts can be located:

  • Inside the anus,
  • Inside the urethra opening.

For female internal warts, vaginal discharge or bleeding may occur when the warts appear, as well as pain during sex and itchiness. For both men and women genital warts located inside the anus may cause pain or bleeding during anal sex or bowel movements and itching.

What color do genital warts come in?

The standard genital warts color is typically flesh colored. This means that if you are dark skinned your warts are likely to be dark skinned and vice versa. A white genital wart color is also common, these warts may be flat or bunched up and raised resembling cauliflower.

Genital warts come in a variety of shapes and colors.

Red genital warts can also occur but this is usually due to a bleeding or a genital wart sore from scratching or irritation. Warts can also begin as one color in the early stage and change as they grow. To learn more about early genital warts click here.

Are genital warts dangerous or something to worry about?

Genital warts typesGenital warts are not dangerous in the life-threatening sense, and do not pose a serious threat. However, all genital warts are extremely contagious. The infection that causes genital warts can cause other problems such as cancer and lesions. Contact with warts directly can spread them to other areas and people. They are caused by a sexually transmitted infection and the usage of condoms will not protect you or your partner fully from spreading the warts on contact.

All genital warts are caused by the STD HPV. They are contagious and spread very easily. Genital warts can be spread through genital to genital contact, all anal contact, genital to oral contact, hand to genital contact and all types of unprotected sex. You should wash you hands immediately after touching genital warts, as even your hand can spread the virus that causes warts to another person if you have just touched your warts. The removal of genital warts does not remove the virus from your system, and it can still be passed during any unprotected sex or forming warts not yet visible.

Do HPV warts hurt?

All genital warts are caused by the sexually transmitted infection HPV. Most warts are unlikely to cause pain, but some people do experience pain and soreness. Although HPV warts can cause pain there is no way to predict whether or not warts will hurt as it varies from person to person and can depend on other actions such as scratching. The chance to become painful is all influenced by factors such as location and whether or not you scratch or irritate them.

Some things that can cause warts to hurt include:

  • Frequent or hard scratching.
  • Attempting to remove them with OTC products meant for non-genital warts.
  • Injuring the wart or causing it to bleed.
  • Pulling or otherwise irritating the wart via friction.
  • Treatment of warts from a doctor can also be painful.
All genital warts are caused by a virus called HPV.

Do warts located in or around the anus hurt? Anal warts are warts that are located either inside or around the anus. They are most common in men but can effect women as well. Anal warts are likely to be more painful than other genital warts due to the pressure applied to them during bowel movements and anal sexual activity. Both using the bathroom and anal sex can cause bleeding from anal warts as well. A doctor will be able to determine if you have anal warts.

Consult a medical professional immediately if you experience pain or bleeding from your anus. This can be due to harmless causes such as internal warts or more serious conditions such as cancer and it is not possible to make the diagnosis on your own.

Top 3 Best Products for painful genital warts

There are a variety of products that can provide instant relief to the pain and soreness of genital warts. To find the answer to do genital warts itch, check out this article. Most pain relief products for genital warts come in the form of a cream which may not be intended for use on internal genital warts so be sure to read the directions of the product before use.

  1. Preparation H Maximum Strength Pain Relief Cream
    Cost: $9.
    Benefits: Fast working pain relief that also helps with itching. Contains aloe to soothe and help bleeding warts heal.
    Uses: For all external genital warts that are painful, itchy or irritated.
    Where to find: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Your local drug store.
    Preparation H Maximum Strength Pain Relief Cream
  2. Emuaid MAX First Aid OintmentEmuaid MAX First Aid Ointment
    Cost: $57.
    Benefits: Emuaid Max treats a large variety of skin conditions, instantly relieving pain, reducing infection and inflammation. Specifically noted to relieve wart pain.
    Uses: Relief of external wart pain.
    Where to find: Walgreens.com, Amazon.
  3. LMX 4 Topical Anesthetic CreamLMX 4 Topical Anesthetic Cream
    Cost: $25.
    Benefits: Works immediately and is long lasting. Recommended by dermatologists.
    Uses: For long lasting relief of external wart pain and pain related to the treatment or removal of warts.
    Where to find: Amazon.

Genital warts can cause pain in some, but not all, wart sufferers. Pain stemming from genital warts does not need to be a constant interference in your life. To stop allowing genital wart pain to control you, consider using the pain relief products listed above. Also consider changing habits that may cause pain such as scratching.

Genital warts can always be removed by a doctor if they become too bothersome, painful of embarrassing. The genital warts themselves are not dangerous at all, but always bear in mind they can and do spread the infection that causes them very easily.

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