You’re not alone if you have genital warts. They’re caused by a virus that has infected hundreds of thousands of people. While there are effective medical procedures, many individuals have opted to avoid them for a variety of reasons. Instead, they have relied on home remedies to eliminate the unsightly growths. Enough remedies have been successful that there is a solution for everyone. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of genital warts that is inexpensive, safe, and can be done privately, then a home remedy can provide the answer you’re searching for.

You Can Remove Genital Warts at Home

Human Papilloma Virus and Warts

Human Papilloma Virus and Warts

Your local pharmacy or drugstore has an extensive selection of creams, gels, and liquids you can try. Those products often contain salicylic acid and must be used according to directions. There is more information about over-the-counter genital wart removers here. If you choose to consult a medical professional, he or she can recommend a prescription strength product you can safely and privately apply at home.

However, learning how to remove genital warts at home without commercial preparations can be inexpensive and completely private. There’s a homemade remedy that’s gentle enough for even the tenderest skin.

Although the anus is not usually regarded as part of the sex organs, genital warts can spread and cause anal warts. Many of the remedies are effective for both kinds of warts. One convenient remedy you might prefer for anal warts is olive leaves prepared as a tea. Olive leaves have antiviral properties that can cure warts for most people.

Dried olive leaves are available in health food stores and online. Brew 1/4 teaspoon of dried leaves in one cup of hot water to make tea, which you can drink two to three times a day. Even more conveniently, you can consume an olive leaf supplement, although doing so will take more time to heal your warts.

If you are pregnant or nursing, avoid using olive leaf.

Thuja for HPV Virus

Thuja for HPV Virus

Don’t give up hope if your vaginal warts have spread to inside your vagina. Remedies that are effective externally are also often effective internally. The herb Thuja occidentalis is effective wherever it’s applied, but you can also put it directly on internal vaginal warts. Soak a tampon in a solution of 30 drops of Thuja tincture and one cup of water and insert. Replace with a fresh tampon two or three times a day. Thuja is an essential oil made from the western red cedar, and you must make sure to purchase only tincture made from pure oil. If it’s been diluted with other ingredients, it can be harmful, especially when used internally.

Home Remedies Can Be Inexpensive And Effective

Usually, any kitchen ingredient that has an acidic or drying effect can be effective. For more information on genital wart treatments, read this article. Individuals have found a variety of fruit juices to be effective.

Items from your pantry that you might want to experiment with include:

Fresh garlic juice can be applied onto the affected area

Fresh garlic juice can be applied onto the affected area
  • Mashed garlic,
  • Pineapple juice,
  • Onion juice,
  • Potato slices.

Apply the chosen ingredient directly on the wart carefully, cover, and leave in place until uncomfortable.

If you feel burning, stinging, or other discomfort, wash off the ingredient. Let your skin rest before trying something else. Garlic, for example, might be too harsh for you, but a potato slice can be soothing and healing.

One type of genital wart cure that many people rely on is homeopathic. Some cities have homeopathic doctors, but you can treat yourself if a professional isn’t available. If you choose homeopathic remedies to heal your genital warts, keep in mind that your physical appearance, your overall health, and your temperament are important. That is, your whole body is taken into consideration in selecting an effective remedy. Homeopathy is often more efficient than other ways of curing warts, but it’s also slower.

HomeopathyIf you are a male with genital warts, then Calcarea Carbonica, abbreviated as Calc Carb, could be a good choice. It’s a form of calcium carbonate that’s made from oyster shell. It works best if you have fair skin and light hair. Other personal characteristics include being overweight, excessive perspiration, and skin that often feels cold.

Another homeopathic remedy for warts on male genitalia is Sepia, especially if you’re a man who prefers to be in motion rather than resting. Sepia is made from the ink of the cuttlefish, a mollusk that’s more active than other creatures of its kind. Few things satisfy you, and never for long if they do. You don’t like fatty pork and you don’t like getting wet.

Homeopathic Graphites, made from graphite and tiny amounts of iron, is recommended for women with genital warts, especially if the warts that look like cauliflower. It has a long history of healing skin diseases. You may also have frequent bacterial infections as well as digestive issues. Sensitivity to cold is another indication that Graphites will be helpful.

If you’re a woman with warts on your genitals and your anus, you may find relief with Acidum Nitricum, also known as nitric acid or Nit Acid. Your warts are usually soft, moist, and bleed easily. You feel worse when you’re touched or experience a jarring motion.

As with everything else, you may have to experiment with different homeopathic remedies to find the one that works best for you. You have dozens to choose from, and most are available as creams, liquids, or tablets.

Salicylic Acid Helps to Heal Genital Warts at Home

Salicylic acid based productsSalicylic acid is the common name for 2-Hydroxybenzoic acid, an anti-inflammatory with myriad medical uses. Many people use it for skin conditions, including warts. Because it can irritate healthy skin, you must be very careful to apply it only to the wart. Salicylic acid is available over-the-counter when combined with other ingredients. It’s available in concentrations ranging from 10% to 60%, so you can experiment to find the strongest concentration that is effective for you without causing irritation.

Although salicylic acid is available in any pharmacy or drugstore for a reasonable price, its convenience is offset by the long time it must be used before you will notice any decrease in the size or quantity of your warts. It is usually applied at bedtime and left on all night. Eventually, it will soften your warts and you can rub them off.

Salicylic acid is available in a variety of formulations. In general, you clean your skin, apply the product, cover, and leave in place for a specified length of time.

You may select the best type for you from:

  • Creams or ointments,
  • Gels,
  • Liquids,
  • Plasters (adhesive pads saturated with salicylic acid),
  • Soaps.

Individuals using salicylic acid describe it as a painless way to remove their warts if they’re careful when using it and if they’re patient.

For Your Information
GardasilThe human papillomavirus (HPV) has more than a hundred types. Some of the types cause cancer. Others are the source of HPV genital warts. Gardasil® became available to the general public in 2006. There’s additional information on genital warts vaccines here. It was primarily prescribed only to young women and men before they became sexually active. Administration of the vaccine remains controversial for numerous reasons.
In recent years, there’s been several instances in which genital warts in HPV infected adults have had their existing warts disappear. Research is continuing.

The Fastest and Best Ways to Remove Genital Warts

Genital warts are sometimes called HPV warts, as they’re both caused an HPV infection. Most people want to know how to get rid of genital warts fast or how to get rid of HPV warts fast. Consulting a health care practitioner and having your warts surgically removed, burned off, or frozen off is fast and usually safe. However, all these procedures are sometimes painful and can be expensive. And unfortunately, none of them treat the underlying cause of your warts. You can potentially have a recurrence of warts and have to repeat the procedure.

Some of the home remedies work faster than others, but those can sometimes be too harsh for certain parts of your sex organs. For example, few individuals want to place duct tape, a tried and true remedy for killing warts quickly, on their genitalia.

Essential oils have proven effective for many individuals. If you try them, be sure to purchase oils that are organic with no added ingredients. The pure oils are concentrated, so you will need to dilute them with a carrier oil, such as organic almond oil, before using. The dilution is generally one or two drops of essential oil to a quarter cup of carrier oil.

Dab the solution on your warts several times a day. Some of the oils are stronger than others, so you may need to try a different one or dilute the chosen oil further to avoid potential irritation. The oils will dry up your warts as well as fight the HPV infection to prevent further warts.

Apply essential oils on the area every day

Apply essential oils on the area every day

Essential oils that people have used for fast genital wart removal include:

  • Bergamot,
  • Eucalyptus,
  • Frankincense,
  • Lemon,
  • Orange,
  • Tea Tree,
  • Thyme.

In most cases, the root of the wart comes out when you remove the dead wart.

More Natural Treatments and Cures

Individuals seeking a natural genital wart removal technique have lots of choices. People have experimented with home remedies for HPV warts for years. There isn’t one particular remedy that works for everyone, and some work slower for certain people than for others, but there is a proven remedy for everyone.

  1. Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegar (ACV) has been trusted for years for treating warts. It contains acetic acid, which erodes the warts. As well as helping to get rid of the warts, it reveals the presence of warts that are so small that you can’t see them, allowing you to treat them before they grow larger or spread. The ACV turns the surface of warts white when dabbed on them.
    To use ACV to remove warts, first clean your skin thoroughly. Then apply the ACV and leave it on for 10 minutes before wiping it off. Repeat the application three times a day for about a week. Within a couple days, the warts will begin to change color and scab over, then start falling off. If not, soak a cotton ball in ACV and tape it to the warts. Unless your skin becomes irritated, leave the ACV in place all day or night.
  2. Witch hazelWitch hazel is an astringent that will shrink warts when applied directly on them twice a day for 10 minutes each time. Although witch hazel is available in gels and creams, the liquid form removes warts faster. You should notice an improvement within two weeks if this is the right remedy for you.
  3. Banana peelsThe enzymes in banana peels are known to dissolve warts. All you need to do is tape a piece of banana peel to your warts overnight. Make sure that the inside of the peel is against the wart.
  4. Dandelions milkThose dandelions speckling your yard can help remove your genital warts. When you pick a dandelion, you’ll notice milky sap oozing out. Dab fresh sap on your warts three times a day for about a week. The sap reduces the growth of new cells.

Anyone who is sexually active is at risk for HPV and the resulting genital or HPV warts. The warts are almost always benign and can be safely treated with home remedies. You may have to experiment with many remedies before you find the one that works best for you. Finding an effective remedy can potentially give you permanent relief from your genital warts as well as avoid the embarrassment and expense of conventional treatments.

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