While your body’s immune system will often fight off an HPV infection before genital warts appear, some infections will still cause lesions to appear. Genital warts may vary in appearance. Some may appear as raised bumps, others may have an appearance that looks kind of like cauliflower and others may appear as flat genital warts. Because most people expect to see raised bumps when they have warts, they may not realize that the flat lesions are genital warts. Here is what you should know about flat genital warts.

Genital Warts: Sizes and Shapes

They can appear in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Some look like finger-like tiny protrusions that stick out of the skin. A majority of genital warts appear in clusters of a number of smaller warts, forming a mass that looks like cauliflower. Some appear as flat genital warts that might not be immediately apparent to you.

Flat genital warts may appear as discolored or pearly blotches.

Human Papilloma VirusNo matter their size or shape, genital warts, including those that are flat, are contagious. They may be painless, causing little discomfort. Some people experience a feeling of itchiness when they have active warts. If you think that you might have genital warts, it is smart to get tested so that you can treat the condition appropriately. With treatment, most cases of warts will go away and not reappear, allowing you to go on with your life without the embarrassment that genital warts might bring. To learn more about genital warts treatments, read this article.

Getting tested

Warts diagnosisA lot of people who think that they might have genital warts or who have flat lesions in their genital region feel embarrassed about getting tested. Millions of people have genital warts in the U.S.

You have several options for testing if you suspect that you may have flat genital warts or another type. You can simply go to your doctor. Your doctor may visually inspect the lesion and determine whether or not it appears to be a genital wart. If your doctor diagnoses it as a genital wart, he or she may prescribe a topical ointment, burn off the wart or freeze the wart. Less commonly, he or she may take a small sample of the wart to test it. Most of the time, the diagnosis is given after a simple visual inspection.

It is important to get tested for HPV if you suspect that you have genital warts. While many strains of the virus do not cause cancer, they may still cause other health problems if you do not treat them. Most of the viruses that cause genital warts do not cause cancer, but they can cause other issues.

Flat warts: At-home treatment options

Medical diagnosisDespite the fact that genital warts are very common, some people simply do not want to go to the doctor to get a diagnosis. One way to try to determine if you have warts at home is to apply apple cider vinegar to the area. Warts and flat lesions will turn white when they are exposed to vinegar. While this is not a definitive test, it can give you a fairly good idea if you have genital warts. A definitive diagnosis will require a doctor’s examination, however.

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Flat Warts on the Head of the Penis

The good news for men is that they tend to have fewer cases of genital warts than women do. However, men still will occasionally have cases of genital warts, including lesions that are flat. In men, genital warts most commonly appear on the head of the penis, the shaft, the scrotum or around the anus. Most warts will appear within a couple of months of the infection.

How genital warts look like?Genital warts on the penile head initially may appear as slight changes in the appearance or texture of the skin. These may then develop into tiny bumps that form over the head of the penis or as blotchy-looking flat lesions. A flat wart on the penis may appear to be an oval or round shape that is colored differently than the surrounding skin. It may also be rough in appearance or appear pearlescent. It is common for men who have flat genital warts on their penis heads to mistake them for fungal infections.

If you have flat lesions, it is important for you to get them tested so that you know the appropriate type of treatment approach. It is also important for you to find out if you have genital warts because they are highly contagious. Are genital warts contagious? Find out more here.

There are several symptoms of flat genital warts, including the following:

  • Itching,
  • Pain,
  • Burning,
  • Discomfort,
  • No discomfort,
  • Fleshy growths or flat lesions.

If you have these symptoms, it is important for you to get tested so that you can treat the condition if you have it or have peace of mind if you don’t. To learn about telling between genital warts vs. ingrown hairs, read this article.

Sex and flat warts

HPV infected partnerYou can still have a rewarding sex life if you have the infection that causes your flat-genital-wart problem. It is essential for you to try to abstain from sex while you have active warts because of the possibility of spreading them. Instead, try to abstain until they are completely gone. If you must have sex while you have warts, be sure to use a condom. You and your partner should be aware that it is still possible to spread genital warts from areas of the skin that are not covered by a condom, however.

Most people are embarrassed by genital warts, including warts that are flat. They may appear in multiple forms and sizes. With proper treatment, you can rid yourself of warts. It is likely that once you rid yourself of them, you will never have another outbreak again. If you have warts, know that you are not alone as it is the most common sexually transmitted condition in the U.S.

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