Warts on the face present a unique problem in that the facial skin is more sensitive and visible than other common wart locations. Google is flooded with people asking the question of how to remove warts on face specifically due to this reason. Common wart treatments such as medicated bandages or some acids should not be used on the face, especially at or near the eyes. So where does that leave you when you are plagued with facial warts? Find out here what products work and what you can do at home to make facial warts a thing of the past.

How can facial warts be removed?

Facial warts can be removed in several different ways, though the individual options are limited in some respects due to the sensitivity of skin on the face. A doctor trained in wart treatment can remove facial warts but this is generally a last ditch effort by most due to the potential expense or fear of painful treatments. Therefore most individuals choose to remove warts at home and with wart products readily available that make wart treatment a breeze.

Salicylic Acid Wart Remover 27.5%Common facial wart removal methods include:

As evidenced by the aforementioned list, there are a generous amount of avenues to go through when desiring facial wart removal. Naturally some removal methods may be better choices than others depending on the location of the wart.

Warts located near the eyes need particular care and products that have the potential to drip or leak should never be used. For more specific information on eye warts, see this page. Due to the fear of scarring, many people do their best to avoid surgical removal and laser removal options by doctors. However, if your wart problem is extremely serious or continues to grow, these procedures should be considered for a quick and complete removal.

How long will it take to remove warts on my face?

As expected everyone wishes to know the timeline for wart removal. After dealing with warts for a long period the last thing anyone wishes to do is wait any longer. In truth the removal time will vary because warts, people and treatments all vary. The most common treatment, salicylic acid, removes warts by destroying the skin layer by layer so wart removal can take two weeks or less. Larger warts typically have more layers and thus may take more time. Filiform warts hang around your mouth and nose, and also tend to be harder to remove than the flatter and more common warts. For more info on filiform warts, see this article.

Terrasil Max Wart Removal StickEvery instant removal method is usually restricted to a doctor’s office so you will need a little bit of patience when using other methods. For products like Terrasil, users reported warts shrinking and falling off as soon as seven days. Retinoid creams often get rid of warts within four weeks or less as long as the guidelines for application of the cream is followed.

Overall with the exception of surgical removal there will never be a definite removal date, and some may find certain treatments work too little or not at all on their facial warts. With such huge variances, it is best to use at home treatments first as they will be cheaper and more easily obtainable.

What is the best wart remover for face?

The best wart remover for the face is Terrasil wart removal ointment. Terrasil combines several ingredients that are separately useful in removing warts and together they do so even quicker than apart. The main active ingredient is thuja occidentalis, made from a white cedar tree and well-known for its wart killing ability. Beeswax is another ingredient and this was chosen for vitamin A. Few people are aware that beeswax contains an extremely high amount of vitamin A, exactly like the prescribed retinoids doctors give for wart treatment. Technically you are receiving the exact same benefit of wart removing retinoids without the prescription or the cost.

Terrasil wart removal ointment

Wart removal warning
Warts located near the eye or on the eyelid are the most dangerous to treat yourself. Even wart products approved for the face can have serious side effects on the thin eyelid skin or getting into the eye. Seeing a doctor for treatment is recommended for warts in this danger zone to avoid complications.

The above primary components combined with others such as zinc oxide make Terrasil the best facial wart remover on the market. It does not just remove warts, but also makes your skin healthier and more beautiful in the process. These are the major benefits to using only natural ingredients as opposed to the chemicals found in other treatments. Single ingredient treatments can be irritating to the skin, and draw redness and attention to the very area you’re seeking to make more discreet.

Terrasil wart removal protective padsTerrasil is perfect for warts on prominent and very sensitive places such as the nose, where redness will be immediately noticed. Have a wart on nose? Learn how to get rid of it for good here.

This product prides itself on being free of the usual types and side effects of wart removal:

  • Acid based creams and liquids.
  • Burning and irritation.
  • Freezing creams.

I need effective treatment

Effective wart treatment shouldn’t be hard to find, but a challenge does exist with certain locations of warts such as the face. When looking for an effective treatment, it is often worth it to not start at the cheapest option as they tend to work the least well on warts that aren’t tiny. Of course you don’t want to splurge on super expensive options like laser therapy when something a lot simpler can handle your problem just as well. This is why products such as Terrasil are perfect for those looking for something effective.

Every wart is different, don’t give up after one failure.

With any treatment you should see at least some affect within a week. If nothing happens, no shrinkage or changes then it is probably best to move on to a different wart removal method. The most effective treatments will usually not be home remedies. This is not to say that home remedies will not work, many have found great success using things like apple cider vinegar or duct tape. In the great scheme of things however, it may be worth it to shell out the forty to fifty dollars for something that will work quickly and has a money back guarantee.

Best tips and products to get rid of facial warts

When getting rid of facial warts is your ultimate goal, a few tips can help you make decisions that will ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Here are some important ones to remember:

  • To avoid irritation or unsightly blistering, don’t mix treatments.
  • Never use any over the counter wart freezing products on face.
  • Choose natural products over chemicals.
  • Keep using wart removal products for up to a week after wart is gone to make sure it remains gone.

Product choice can make or break your wart treatment journey, as such we have provided a brief list of items that are the best for removing facial warts. Please make sure to read any and all product warnings before buying and use only as directed.

  1. Salcoll Collagen Wart RemoverSalcoll Collagen Wart Remover
    Price: $40
    Where to buy: Amazon.com, Salcollcollagen.com
    Benefits: All natural product that causes no pain or irritation. Works extremely quickly and is safe for kids as well as adults.
  2. Terrasil Wart Removal OintmentTerrasil Wart Removal Ointment
    Price: $24
    Where to buy: Walgreens, Amazon.com
    Benefits: All-natural, painless and chemical free formulation. FDA registered and uses ingredients doctor’s would prescribe.
  3. Wartosin Wart RemoverWartosin Wart Remover
    Price: $4
    Where to buy: Amazon.com, Ebay.com
    Benefits: Safe for face away from the eyes and the neck area. Works in as little as a week. Natural herbal solution for wart removal.

Warts are a frustrating affliction anywhere on the body, but facial warts are particularly irritating to most people. Finding a product that can effectively remove facial warts is difficult when nearly every wart removal product specifically warns against facial use. In these cases it is clear that extra care is needed when choosing a product. Be prepared to shell out a bit more money than when treating plantar warts or those on the hands. Rest assured, facial warts can still be treated safely at home and without the major expense a doctor’s treatment can incur.

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