Stomach warts can be very unsightly and alarming when first noticed. Even though they do not cause any discomfort, many sufferers understandably want them gone as fast as possible. Luckily for those dealing with warts on stomach areas, inexpensive and effective treatments are readily available to treat these warts. As such, there is no reason to work yourself into a stressful state when dealing with warts on the stomach. Understanding what causes warts and how they spread can go a long way towards eliminating unnecessary panic, as well as keep you from spreading warts yourself.

So I’ve got stomach warts. Now what?

Stomach wartsThe first step after realizing you have stomach warts is not to panic. Warts are not dangerous or harmful, nor will they make you sick. Outside of constant friction from clothing or direct trauma to warts, they will also not irritate or cause any pain. Seeking wart treatment is the next step, and this is not difficult and is usually not expensive. Nearly all pharmacies and grocery stores carry at least one type of wart treatment, and frequently several.

Treat your warts as soon as possible to prevent spread.

Stressing out over your diagnosis will not solve the problem and in some ways can make it worse as stress weakens your immune system. People with weakened immune systems tend to have warts grow larger and more numerous. This applies to both permanently weakened states, like those of people with HIV, and temporary states such as women who are pregnant. One of the more positive parts about warts is they tend to go away on their own within months but sometimes can take a year or two. If the waiting game is not something you can tolerate, peruse any of the many available wart treatments.

Why do I have warts on my stomach?

All warts that affect the human body are caused by the human papillomavirus. If you are indeed diagnosed as having warts, you can be 100% sure that you have HPV. Many people infected with HPV never develop warts at all and the virus just exists in dormancy or is destroyed by their immune system.

For the unfortunate, the virus causes warts on skin areas preferential to the specific strain of HPV. HPV can be spread by:

  • Oral, anal, or vaginal sex.
  • Skin to skin contact with wart-covered skin.
  • Sharing towels and washcloths.
  • Contact with items that have touched warts.

So if you have warts on your stomach, it means at some point you contracted the virus from someone or something that came in contact with a wart. Warts are how HPV spreads and are an overgrowth of infectious skin. The very beginnings of warts before a noticeable bump appears is still infectious, so it can be spread without the individual ever knowing.

I have genital warts on my stomach

As mentioned earlier, wart strains all have preferential areas that they prefer to inhabit. Additionally, the type of wart represents common locations as well. For example, filiform warts are usually on the face and neck. For more information on how to treat warts on neck and facial areas, see this link. All strains of genital warts are so named because the genitals are where they are nearly always found. The likelihood of you having genital warts on your stomach is extremely low. That said, it is not entirely impossible.

Imiquimod Aldara 5% CreamGenital warts prefer mucous membranes and the genitals. The thin, sensitive skin of the genitals and mucous membranes such as the lips and mouth are the usual locations for genital warts to thrive. However, there are always exceptions, so it is not outside the realm of possibility to find genital warts elsewhere. In fact, it has been relatively recently confirmed that genital warts could infect the mouth as well.

Rest assured that genital warts on your stomach do not eliminate all your treatment options and it can, in fact, open up more, such as:

  • Podofilox,
  • Aldara,
  • Sinecatechins.

Are they contagious?

In short, yes all warts of any type are contagious. Remember that warts are infected skin created solely to help spread the virus. Due to this, spreading warts is not exactly difficult as long as direct wart contact is made. Warts have even been known to spread from one part of the body to another via skin contact. While this is rarer, any open wounds or scratches make this manner of spread more likely.

Warts and sex tip
HPV warts are a sexually transmitted infection, but a condom will not prevent you from contracting them. Like herpes, warts are spread primarily by skin contact. For stomach warts it may be helpful to wear clothing over the wart to aid in preventing this contact or use alternate positions.

Shaving legsSharing razors or clothing that comes into contact with warts on your stomach can also spread it to others. The transmission will not be evident immediately. Some people may never develop warts due to a robust immune system that fights it off, and those that do may not develop them for over a year after infection. Despite possible contagious transmission, it is unnecessary to treat yourself as a walking disease carrier. Just be smart and do not share personal hygiene items that have come into contact with your warts.

How can I treat warts on stomach?

Dr.Scholl's Freeze Away Wart RemoverTreating stomach warts is thankfully not very difficult and can usually be done without spending a lot of money. The stomach skin is far less sensitive than other wart locations such as the ears which makes treatment a breeze. To discover your options to deal with warts on ears, read this. While doctor’s visits and more extreme removal options can be quite expensive, it is generally suggested to start stomach wart treatment at home. You can use many readily researched home remedies as well as over-the-counter wart treatments sold at drug stores.

The many ways to treat or remove stomach warts include:

  1. Wart freezing kits.
  2. Wart cream treatments.
  3. Salicylic acid.
  4. Laser removal.
  5. Cryosurgery.
  6. Surgical removal.

It is best to remove warts while they are single to reduce the chance of them multiplying. To get rid of a single wart, bandages designed for wart removal can be a great option. These keep powerful wart killing medication in contact with the wart 24/7 for faster treatment. For removing up to four warts on your stomach, single step wart freezing kits are the second best option. This makes wart removal fast, and won’t require weeks of daily treatment.

For larger groups of warts or those that didn’t respond to freezing treatment, a salicylic acid based wart cream can help eliminate your warts within 2-3 weeks. Salicylic acid is found in many common acne removal and dandruff treatment products as well. As such, salicylic acid shampoos can help with scalp warts. Got a wart on scalp? Learn what to do by reading this article.


Keep in mind that not all wart treatments will work for everyone and you may need to try several before finding success. Don’t be discouraged and avoid shelling out 100s of dollars for too good to be true treatments. Warts are very common, and if they needed such expensive treatment most people would be stuck with them forever, yet they are not.

Stomach warts are not as scary as they appear to be. They are an easily treatable skin condition caused by a virus. While warts are contagious, they will cause no harm to your health and rarely cause discomfort or pain. Finding effective treatment for stomach warts is as easy as visiting your neighborhood pharmacy. Don’t panic if you notice a wart, they are very common and will often go away on their own.

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