Acne is bad enough. And even when it’s gone, it leaves you unfriendly reminders of its former presence like acne scars, whiteheads, and blackheads. But you don’t have to “just live with it.”

Learn how to get rid of blackheads and reclaim your face from the ravages of acne or from overactive oil glands or whatever else it may be that, in your particular case, is behind all the ugly blackheads on your face, chin, or back.

By taking the time to understand what a blackhead really is and researching the most potent, least expensive, and most natural ways to eliminate them, you can gain the knowledge it takes to win the war on blackheads.

Read on to get the 4 top tips for blackhead elimination that are circulating online in 2022! You’ll also learn how home remedies can sometimes be as effective as store-bought ones and how to remove blackheads with optimal speed.

What Is a Blackhead?

Blackheads are oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that have gotten trapped in your pores. They have also oxidized so as to give them that darker complexion.

Why Do Blackheads Form?
Acne is a key culprit in the formation of blackheads, but there are other causes too. Cosmetics, medications, contact with certain oils, and even birthmarks can contribute to blackhead formation. Anything that blocks the pores can lead to blackheads, as can overactive skin-oil production and excessive exposure to dirt and germs.

Blackheads are also partially caused by bacteria and most commonly formed around where a hair follicle is (or was). Medically, blackheads are called “comedos” and are essentially equivalent to “naked pimples” that don’t have any skin covering them. You can find more information on what are blackheads if you click on the provided link!

Healthy skin and blackhead

4 Working Fast Ways

Even if you acquired your blackheads slow, when you finally decide to declare war on them, you want to get rid of them fast.

Rapid blackhead removal is achievable via a variety of methods.

Blackheads can be stubborn sometimes and difficult to remove. But there are ways to eradicate them quickly. Which method works or not will vary from person to person, so if one approach fails, try the next one.

Blackhead removal

Here are four of the most common methods used to get rid of blackheads as fast as possible:

  1. Use salicylic-acid pads OR ammonium-lactate lotion to exofoliate the skin surrounding blackheads until they loosen and easily come out.
    Blackhead control by Clearasil
  2. Buy a “suction power” comedo extractor from your local pharmacy. Be careful not to pull too hard, but used with care, you can gently “pop” your blackheads right out.
    Comedo Extractor
  3. Use pore cleansing strips to remove blackheads, dirt, and grime all at once.
    Cleansing Nose Pore Strips
  4. Apply a topical retinoid, normally requiring a prescription, to deal with more stubborn blackheads.
    Topical retinoids

Finally, if all else fails, you can go to a dermatologist or esthetician to have your blackheads professionally removed.

Home Remedies

To save money, “go natural, ” and have fun while exterminating those pesky blackheads, try any of these 5 anti-blackhead home remedies:

  1. A baking soda face paste. On the forehead, nose, and chin, apply a mix of baking soda and water. It will work fast and can be rinsed off only a few minutes later.
  2. A cinnamon-honey face mask. Cinnamon and honey mixed up in equal proportions will kill blackheads and peel of dead, flaky skin. Let this mask soak in for 15 minutes before washing it off.
  3. Use oatmeal. If you already love a healthy bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, make an extra bowl for your face one morning. Oatmeal helps to cleanse your face and loosen up clogged pores. It will improve your complexion and pull off your blackheads.
  4. Lemon juice. Let a few drops of pure lemon juice fall on a cotton ball and then rub it on your blackheads. Lemon juice’s citric acid strips away dead skin and blackheads, while also improving overall skin health.
  5. The green tea treatment. Green tea contains a treasure trove of vitamins and antioxidants that can get rid of excess skin oil, tame inflammations, and eliminate blackheads. Use a strong green tea of two tea bags steeped for an hour in only a cup of water. Let it cool down, apply it to your blackheads and skin, and rinse it off ten minutes later.

For a more detailed definition of home remedies, click here.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads

One of the best ways to get rid of a blackhead is via pore-emptying strips designed just for that purpose. Click here to explore blackhead strips in more detail. But basically, you simply apply the strip, wait a specified period of time, and then pull it off and see all the dirty little blackheads attached to the sticky side.

Nose Pore Strips: Before and After

These strips may have to be cut to size or applied with care when removing blackheads in your ear, on the chin, or on the legs or inner thighs. Removal jobs from the cheeks are a bit more straightforward.

For blackheads on your back where you can’t see or reach, you’ll need to get someone to help you apply the strips and later take them off.

Finally, note that while your nose gives you character – it also gives you blackheads! Almost everyone has at least some blackheads on the nose, even if it can’t be easily seen. But how to remove blackheads on the nose is a subject in its own right, so feel free to follow the link for an in-depth analysis.

These strips work instantly and can be very effective. They don’t cost that much, and they’re available everywhere in multiple brands and types. So there’s no excuse for not using them!


If you have a blackhead in the middle of your forehead, on your lip line, or in a highly visible or annoying location, you want it gone fast. Is it really possible to get rid of those blackheads overnight?

Yes, there are easy, natural ways to rapidly eliminate a blackhead.

Here is one of the best step by step methods for naturally ridding your skin of blackheads overnight:

  • First, take a hot shower to raise the temperature of your skin and soften the targeted blackheads.
  • Then coat the relevant area with a heavy moisturizer to temporarily seal over the blackhead and trap extra heat inside of it. This will make extraction much easier.
  • Cover the blackhead and surrounding skin with plastic wrap and place a warm, damp cloth over it for 5 minutes.
  • Using just a tissue and your fingers, gently squeeze the skin all around your now-softened up blackhead. Rotate the fingers to different positions and try up to three times. It should come out.

If you still can’t remove that stubborn blackhead after the preparatory steps and the three attempts, you’ll need to try another method or even see a professional to have it removed. Never press too hard in trying to get a blackhead out or you could damage your skin in the process. More information on how to get rid of blackheads overnight you can find here.

Top 4 Expert Tips

There are cases where a blackhead is particularly stubborn and needs a prescription medication or a professional extraction. But you don’t have the time or money to spend on that unless it’s absolutely necessary.

So what do you do if you need to tackle the blackhead removal process on a DIY basis?

There are constantly new trends emerging online on how to get rid of blackheads, as well as on whiteheads and other related matters.

But here are what we would rate the top 4 blackhead removal tips for 2022:

  1. Pay attention to extreme cleanliness when removing blackheads. If your fingers or hands are dirty, you can make the problem worse instead of better! Showering, hand-washing, and even steam treatment to cleanse and open up pores is all great “prep” work here.
    Extreme cleanliness
  2. Don’t use DIY blackhead removal tools. DIY methods are one thing, but be careful of using steel instruments at home to remove blackheads. It can leave scars if you use them wrong.
    Removal Tools
  3. Don’t use overly harsh exfoliants. Exfoliating your skin is great for blackhead removal, but overdoing it can cause skin irritation and may have more negative effects overall than positive ones. If your skin is particularly sensitive, stick with gentler cleansers and all natural solutions like oatmeal.
    Excessive exfoliation
  4. Keep your face clean! Wash your face thoroughly morning and night. Use facial moisturizers. Avoid touching your face with your hands. And be sure your pillow case is clean or it can become a source of dirt and dead skin cells getting on your face.
    Clean face

Follow these and other tips mentioned in this article, and you’re off to a great start in destroying your blackheads and reclaiming your skin. There’s a near-endless array of blackhead removal methods to be found online, but we have included here only the best, most reliable methods.

Blackheads can appear with or without acne, and they can linger even after acne is put in check. But it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think to get rid of them, if you’ll only try!

You can find further details of Acne here.