Blackheads can be disgusting especially when they appear at the center of your face! Their occurrence can make you uncomfortable to appear in the public and thus you’ve got no option than to banish them as fast as you can. The stubborn blackheads appear due to clogging of the skin pores by oil and dead skin. To restore the natural texture of your skin, you need to adopt strategies that will eliminate the blackheads fast as well as protect you from future outbreaks. These methods have been found to work optimally in resolving your problem. Read on to learn their implementation techniques.

Blackhead Removal

The sensitivity of blackhead removal requires that you ensure extreme care during the entire process. You need to identify the best ways for the removal of the blackheads that have been a nuisance for long. While at it, you should candidly consider all the options at your disposal and pick the ideal one; you can choose to eliminate them through home remedies for blackheads or seek professional help.

Crucial Tip
While you may be frustrated by the presence of blackhead on your skin, you should never rub, pop, squeeze, pick, or touch them since it may complicate your situation. Instead, you should adopt an elimination strategy and stick to it to achieve maximum results. If you fail to notice any significant improvement after a week of application, then it’s time to consult your dermatologist!

When carrying out any blackhead treatment technique, you should ensure a high level of hygiene to prevent cases of infection. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the affected areas. In case you are using specific blackheads removal tools, ensure that you sterilize them before use which guarantees a complication-free healing process.

If you’ve tried every other method to no avail, you should consider the following techniques:

  1. Tweezers. This tool has a curved tip with a sharp point which allows you to safely remove the debris on your skin thus allowing a quick recovery from blackheads. The product is designed to allow ease of use; you will have a hassle-free and comfortable experience all through. While the use of tweezers guarantees a blemish-free skin within a short time, it’s crucial that you first learn how to use it before adopting. Also, you should avoid washing your skin immediately after removing the blackheads. Ensure that you only obtain a stainless steel product from a reliable supplier to avoid disappointments.
  2. Glue. If you really need a DIY strategy to get rid of the stubborn blackheads, then it’s time you tried using glue. The method involves mixing of glue with charcoal and meticulously applying it on your skin. The adhesive glue combines with the superb ability of charcoal to draw toxins making it one of the most effective blackhead elimination tools. Once you apply the mixture, you should allow it to dry before pulling it out slowly. It will come out with the blackheads which you’ll easily rinse away with water. While this method is highly effective, you need to apply it in moderation since it can lead to irritations and dry skins.

    How to Remove Blackheads with Elmer’s Glue

    Elmer's Glue
  3. Tape. Use of tape to remove blackheads is an effective strategy that can give you relief within a short time. The adhesive properties of the tape ensure that it removes all the blackheads effectively. When using a duct tape, you should first splash some water on the skin and wash it using a soap with 2% salicylic acid. Once you dry it, you should cover the blackheads with the tape and rub over it to ensure a firm grip after which you pull it off quickly to remove the blackheads. You should repeat the process until the blackheads are eliminated completely.
    Tape blackheads removal
  4. Gelatin. You can use this product to prepare a mask that works just like the Korean mask to give your face a smooth complexion. The product is helpful in promoting the growth of collagen which accelerates your recovery from the blackheads. When you mix gelatin with any liquid such as milk, it forms a sticky gel which you’ll apply on your face. The adhesive property enhances the peeling-off effect which ensures that it removes all the bacteria and dirt causing the blackheads. Also, when the gel bonds with the skin, it infuses the moisture and nutrients that are relevant for the growth of collagen and healing of the damaged skin. You should apply the mask twice a day to the affected areas to guarantee results.
    Using gelatin for blackheads

Professional vs. Extreme

When removing blackheads, you can opt to use a professional or an extreme approach depending on the severity of the situation.

The professional route involves engaging a qualified dermatologist where they can opt to use one of the many methods including:

  • Microdermabrasion. While this is touted as one of the most effective blackhead removal procedure, the results are temporary. The process removes the superficial layer of dead cells on the skin leaving behind a clean and blackhead-free skin. The process utilizes specialized machines that will polish up your skin using fine crystals or suction to loosen up the debris on your skin. The method is relatively new in the cosmetic world but it has been shown to eliminate the blackheads fast!
    Dermabrasion blackhead removal
  • Functional Laser Treatment. This is one of the most powerful techniques for removing the blackheads. On top of eradicating the blemishes, it ensures that you get a super smooth skin with an impressive improvement in its texture and tone. Unlike microdermabrasion, this technique offers long-term results without the need to be exposed to abrasive procedures. It does not involve any injections or cutting and it only takes 10-90 minutes depending on the complexities of the process. There is no recovery time needed and the procedure works with all skin types.
    Laser blackheads treatment
  • Use of cosmetic regimens. The professional can recommend the use of a range of cosmetic products which come as a natural kit that is easy to use. The process involves products that will cleanse the skin stripping off all the dirt and dead cells while retaining the essential oils. Also, they will recommend the use of products that will remove wrinkles from your face thus making it easy for you to clean your face and thus keep blackheads at bay. You need to strictly follow the instructions given by the professional to ensure your safety as you work on the blackhead elimination strategy.
    Cosmetic regimens
  • Prescription products. AntibioticsIf you seek professional help from a dermatologist, then they are likely to recommend antibiotics and other creams that will eliminate the bacteria causing the blackheads. You should follow their recommendations to ensure a blackhead free skin within the shortest time.

On the other hand, you can use the extreme methods of blackhead elimination which can be abrasive and cause huge destruction if improperly applied. You should never use any invasive strategy unless you’re sure of its working mechanism to avoid exposing your skin to unnecessary damage. These methods include the use of extractors, abrasive exfoliators, and squeezing the blackheads using your hands.

While these methods are easy to use and inexpensive, you should be careful to ensure that you only use sterile objects on your skin! Touching your skin with unclean hands and objects can introduce infections which will further compound the problem. The methods involve the physical squeezing of the blackheads to remove the debris and bacteria and later washing them off. When removing blackheads from ear and nose, you need to use baking powder.

Best Removal Tools

There are numerous tools that you can use to remove blackheads.

The following are some of the best:

  1. LEOKOR Stainless Steel Blackhead Remover. The kit comes with a leather case, two removing needles, and three tweezers. The tools are designed using high-quality material that will not rust! Also, it has a magnification mirror to improve precision during the process. You should be careful when using the needles since they are extremely sharp and can cause skin damage.
  2. Achaiacn Professional Dermatologist Grade Blackhead Remover. The tools are made out of stainless steel precisely crafted to resist corrosion and breakages. It has five dermatologist approved tools that are easy to use in blackhead elimination process. It has ergonomic non-slipping handles for a firm grip and it is safe for use with all skin types.
    Achaiacn Professional
  3. Beaute Bleu 7 Tools Blackhead Remover kit. This superior removal tool does not cause inflammation after the removal. What’s best about it is the inclusion of other pore cleaning tools which guarantees a smooth face after the completion of the process.
    Beaute Bleu 7pcs
  4. Lifestance 5Pcs Blackhead Remover Comedones Splinter Extractors. Work on your blemished skin like a pro using this product which will leave your skin smoother and healthier. The kit contains highly versatile tools with firm handles to avoid accidents.
    Lifestance 5pcs
  5. FIXBODY Stainless Steel Blackhead and Splinter Remove Tools. Avoid the pain associated with the use of unsafe blackhead removal methods by using this professional tool. Made out of stainless steel, the tools cannot corrode and thus eliminates chances of infection. Also, they are small and easy to carry and use. You should, however, be careful with the sharp tips to avoid skin damage.

Before settling for a specific tool, it’s necessary that you understand how to use them to guarantee the best results.

The information below is crucial in helping you comprehend the working mechanism of these tools:

  • Hygiene. When using blackhead removal tools, you should maintain top-notch hygiene standards. First ensure that you wash your hands with soap and plenty of clean water. Next, you should disinfect the specific tool by submerging it in a disinfectant such as ethanol. It’s also crucial that you disinfect the skin before starting the blackhead removal procedure to ensure that you don’t acquire any bacterial infection in the process.
  • Soften the blackheads. Before the start of the procedure, you should thoroughly wash the face using warm water or a towel soaked in warm water to ease the removal process.
  • Use the remover now! Immediately after washing the face with warm water, you should place the loop of the tool on the blackheads. The main intention is to remove the follicle contents responsible of the ugly spots on your face. Gently press above the blackheads to entirely drain the accumulated content. You can also pass the tool up and down the blackheads to squeeze the content of the blackheads completely. Once you’re through with this process, you can go to the next blackhead until you remove all of them to your satisfaction.
  • Remember to disinfect! After the process, you should disinfect both the tool and your face to prevent future infections. Immediately clean the face and apply an acne care product to complete the process and restore your glowing complexion.

How to Use a Blackhead Extractor

Using a Blackhead Extractor

How to Remove From Your Face

Are you stressed out by the presence of deep blackheads? Well, we opine that this is not the best thing that can happen to you! We, therefore, have researched the methods that will effectively resolve the menace quickly.

The methods that we recommend are easy to carry out at home including:

  • Blackhead remover strips
    Blackhead remover strips are designed to stick on your face after which it removes all the dirt when stripping it off. While all strips have the same working mechanism, there are additions that manufacturers make to improve them. You can, for example, find charcoal infused strips, fragrant strips as well as colored strips. If you have a sensitive face, you should avoid the blackhead strips with other additives to prevent triggering an allergic reaction which would lead to adverse looks.
    To achieve the best results, you should learn the basic application techniques. First, it is crucial that you wet your face to activate the adhesive components of the strip. Once you stick the strips, press over it for several minutes and then peel it off at once.
  • Homemade DIY blackhead removal masks

    There are numerous DIY masks that you can make at home to remove blackheads. You should ensure that the products you use have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties to achieve the desired results.

    The common products that you can use in preparing the masks include:

    • Bentonite clay.
    • Turmeric and honey gel.
    • Egg Whites.
    • Honey and Baking Soda.

    You should gently apply the paste of these products on your face and let them rest for a while before cleaning them.

Ensure complete rinsing of the DIY masks after use!

The cleansing is necessary to ensure that they do not block the pore further. In addition, you should regularly exfoliate your face to achieve the best results with these masks.

Best Blackheads Removers that Actually Work

This article has enumerated several blackheads removers that can boost your effort to achieve a blemish-free face.

The following are our best pick:

  1. Pilaten. This is a carbon peel-off mask that is ideal for removing blackheads on the nose, ears, forehead, and chin. The super-active carbonated mask has superb ability to clear off dead cells and dirt and leave your skin ultra-soft! It has rosemary and calendula extracts which increase collagen production making your skin vibrant. Also, it’s rich in vitamins A, B5, and E which smoothens your skin fast.
    Suction Black Mask by Pil'aten Hydra
  2. Murad. This product works by unclogging the pores to guarantee a blackhead-free skin. Also, it has a powerful composition that protects your skin from a future recurrence of blackheads. You should apply the product twice daily and ensure that you’re consistent.
    2-steps blackhead remover by Murad
  3. Proactiv+. These blackhead removal products contain salicylic acid which works by killing the bacteria and restoring a smooth and soft skin. They also contain natural elements which are necessary in moisturizing the skin and preventing future emergence of acne and blackheads.
    Blackhead Dissolving Gel by Proactive+ with instructions
  4. Charcoal. This product has superb properties that draw all the impurities from your skin to eliminate the blackheads completely. They are numerous products that contain activated charcoal which, if regularly applied, will cleanse the skin.
    Purifying peel-off Black Mask
  5. Pore vacuum. These devices work by sucking out all the dirt out of your skin. As such, it’s ideal for removing deep blackheads that appears like a hole in the skin. They extract the dirt thus guaranteeing a quick and safe blackhead elimination technique.
    Pore vacuum tool
  6. Suction device. Just like pore vacuum devices, this product works by sucking all the dirt off your skin. You need to use it in the exact area of interest and it will remove all dirt and debris leaving a smooth skin.
    Using suction device - instructions

Removing blackheads is not rocket science! It only becomes frustrating if you fail to use the best elimination strategy. You’ll need to research your skin type to determine the compatibility of the method you adopt. However, go through the methods we’ve recommended herein, and choose the best. Apply it consistently and watch as you acquire an extra soft skin within days!

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