Updated December 11, 2018

Karen Smith

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About Me

I am Karen Smith, and my life began in Brandon, Florida. Once I finished high school, I moved on to the University of Florida. While in college, I devoted my time to studying health and the behavior related to it. Upon graduation, I was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Behavior. Eventually, I became certified as a licensed practical nurse with a goal of helping people even more.


Karen SmithAs an LPN, I gained a large amount of experience in the field of health care. I helped many patients accomplish their daily needs. With each patient, I gave it my all. My work with patients exposed me to many different topics in medicine, but I grew a deep love to dermatology.

I allowed myself to learn as much information in this topic as possible. This not only allowed me to learn about something fascinating, but it also allowed me to provide better care to my patients. In fact, I have consulted with many patients regarding their dermatological needs and cosmetic desires. From general dermatology to surgical dermatology, I have found a field that I love.

In my free time, I love to be with my friends and with my family. Whether it is through watching television or sitting and chatting, times with these people are some of the best times in life. These are the people who let me know that I am doing good things. I also have developed my skills in cooking, and I adore traveling and seeing the world around me. Whether I am working with a patient or chilling with a friend, my ultimate goal is to make every moment I am alive be worth something.


I view my blog as another way to help people around me and make moments count. I write mostly about treatment for warts, acne, and moles. Combined with my experience in dermatology and with additional research, I make sure that the information I share is accurate and helpful. With my blog, I hope to guide people to save, effective, and affordable ways to treat their dermatological problems.